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    5 Practical UV sterilizer Box Safety Tips: (Disinfection Boxes Review 2021)


    Are UV sterilizers really worth it?

    Have you ever wondered what kind of living organisms you could pick up from the cash in your wallet, or could it be present on your cell phone screen? Only a reliable Uv Sterilizer Box can save you from these germs.

    Did you know that most smartphones contain roughly 20 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat?

    In fact, one study found that the mobile phone harbors more than 17,000 bacteria. Imagine all the germs we contract when handling items such as car keys, cash, etc ...

    Fortunately, there is a simple way to clean up all germs and bacteria, and it can all be accomplished while relaxing or watching TV.

    The solution is the UV sterilizer.  Best UV sterilizers is currently disinfection box designed to disinfect your cell phone, t us keys or any other personal items you want s to clean and disinfect.

    Take a look at this UV sterilizer comparison where you will find the best UV sterilizers on the market with the best quality / price.

    UV sterilizer Box

    What you should know about Uv Sterilizer Box?

    UV sterilizers use a specific wavelength of light to kill dangerous microbes, making them perfect for your sensitive electronic devices.

    The use of UV light also makes them ideal for disinfecting delicate items, such as N95 respiratory masks. Basically anything that fits in the UV sterilizer can kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in just a few minutes.

    When looking for the best Uv Sterilizer Box, it is important to find a suitable sterilizer for your specific needs. For example, some sterilizers come with primarily to sterilize phones at home, while others are designed to sterilize all kinds of items on the go.

    Features to consider when buying your UV sterilizer

    Certain features such as safety and efficiency must always be guaranteed. With that said, some models are safer and more efficient than others and this is always worth looking into too. Here are some of the key features to consider when purchasing a UV sterilizer.

    Cleaning efficiency / time

    Ultraviolet light is famous to kill 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. In fact, it is one of the most effective and fastest forms of sterilization. However, the effectiveness of this depends a lot on the type of sterilizer you use and how you use it.

    Some sterilizers claim that they clean faster than others. The fastest ones can sterilize an item in one minute, while others recommend spending at least five minutes sterilizing the items.

    Uv Sterilizer Box provides Safety

    Uv Sterilizer Box can penetrate human skin and cause serious damage. Therefore, it is important to consider safety features when choosing a sterilizer model.

    UV sterilizer boxes tend to restrict exposure to UV light much more than portable UV sterilizers. These boxes may come with locks to ensure that they cannot be opened during operation.


    You must consider what items you want to sterilize. Many closed portable sanitizers are designed to clean small items like cell phones, keys, and headphones. They may not all be roomy enough to accommodate bulkier items like glasses or purses, so keep this in mind.

    Cycles per charge

    If you're looking for a portable UV sanitizer, you may want to go for one with a rechargeable battery so you don't have to plug it into the wall every time you need it.

    Many UV sanitizer boxes that use a rechargeable battery can offer multiple cycles on a single charge. It is worth comparing cycles per load if you think you will be using your sterilizer regularly.

    Durability / life

    You don't want a sanitizer that breaks down after five uses. For this reason, it is also worth investigating the durability and shelf life of the product.

    The best Uv Sterilizer Box should have long-lasting bulbs that can provide a lot of use. Lower quality UV sterilizers can burn out quickly and replacing these bulbs can be tricky.

    To finish and answering the question of our statement, it is evident from the entire above why it is worth the use of UV sterilizers.

    Maintenance of UV water sterilizers

    UV sterilizers contain a UV lamp that emits radiation in the C spectrum at a wavelength of 245 nanometers.
    The correct functioning of a sterilizer is based on the perfect efficiency of the system, therefore it is necessary to:
    - replace the bulb every 12 months
    - periodically check the transparency of the quartz jacket

    The UV lamp has a duration of about 1 year, or 9250 hours of operation continuous.
    Subsequently the value of the emitted radiation drops by 60%, making sterilization less effective.
    In this case, we can remove the patina mechanically, possibly with vinegar.

    Note: Please check the pin number of the lamp when purchasing the spare part; there are 2 versions of lamp 2 + 2 pin or 4 pin.

    Safety rules to be adopted with UV lamps for water
    UV radiation is very harmful to the eyes so it is advisable NOT to look at the lamp on. Also DO NOT touch the body after it turns on as you risk burns. The UV lamp contains mercury so we cannot dispose it.

    Uv Sterilizer Box: how they are made and how they work?

    The Uv Sterilizer Box is composed of a stainless steel body inside which the quartz tube that contains the lamp is placed. The sealing gaskets must be placed at the ends. Depending on the Wattage, these systems are able to sterilize a number of liters per minute, in particular:

    6 Watt: 2 liters per minute

    11 Watt: 4 liters per minute

    16 Watt: 6 liters per minute

    30 Watt: 16 liters per minute

    55 Watts: 29 liters per minute

    The ultraviolet light emitted by special mercury vapor lamps is highly germicidal as it interacts with DNA at the molecular level. However, it is necessary to be very careful because it is dangerous for the skin and eyes, never stare directly at it. Always read Uv Sterilizer Box user manualbefore using it.

    Bacteria in water: where they develop and what they are

    Speaking of wells it is known that the risk of contamination decreases with increasing depth. In fact, the groundwater can become polluted due to chemical compounds, animal feces and herbicides.

    The water from the aqueduct is certainly safer, but contamination due to stagnation in the pipes. Below we list the types of living microorganisms that can coagulate or attach themselves to the solid particles of the water in our home.

    UV sterilizer Box 2021


    They are single-celled organisms with a sphere, rod or spiral. The dimensions vary from 0.2 to 12 microns in width for a length between 0.4 and 14 microns. They reproduce by replicating DNA, giving birth to two independent cells in a few tens of minutes.


    Ranging in size from 0.02 to 0.09 microns, viruses take the shape of a shoot, stripe, or sphere and reproduce within living host cells, resulting in infections.

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