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    Why You Need a Humidifier: 6 Reasons to Buy

    Why Do We Need a Humidifier in Life

    People care about temperature or air purity. But its humidity is rarely remembered. Although this is an important indicator, its value determines the comfort state of people and pets, affects the human body's perception of temperature, and the safety of the environment. This alone has partially explained why an air humidifier is needed in an apartment. We will analyze all the advantages and disadvantages and the subtleties of the equipment.

    What is a Humidifier

    This is the name of the device that increases the water vapor content in the air stream. It can be used to adjust the humidity of the apartment. The equipment generates water vapor and uses forced or natural air to spread it throughout the room. In the first case, results will be obtained faster.

    The mechanical model needs to be started manually, and the automatic model can be activated by sensor signals. It continuously measures the humidity level. When the latter drops below the allowable value, the device is activated. It will also be turned off by a signal from the sensor, which has determined the upper limit of the allowable range.

    Classification of Humidifiers

    There are three types of humidifiers on the market. They are based on different working principles: natural humidification, steam generation, ultrasound.

    • Natural humidifier

    It is also called traditional or cold steam equipment. It accomplishes its task through natural evaporation. Special ink cartridges are moistened with water, and air is supplied to them from a built-in fan. Its speed is adjustable, so the humidification intensity can be changed. This type of equipment is the safest. They are environmentally friendly and reliable in operation.

    Tap water can be used to wet the cartridges. An additional plus of the device is the purification of the flow entering the body from dust. The only drawback is the high price of such devices.

    • Steam humidifier

    Pour pure water into the body, make it boil, and then start to evaporate. Humidification occurs very quickly, and the temperature rises accordingly. It is best to install steam equipment in the refrigerator. Then it will perform two functions at once. Of course, this is not a complete heating device, but it will be able to provide a temperature rise of 2-3C.

    It is expected that the equipment will be supplemented with a hygrometer and automation equipment. As a result, waterlogging will not function properly, and the use of steam generators will quickly happen. The main disadvantage of this device is its high power consumption. In addition, it must be handled carefully. Hot steam is not safe. Children should be restricted from entering.

    • Ultrasonic system humidifier

    Water is supplied to the ultrasonic membrane, which breaks it up into droplets. The human eye sees them as mist. Forced or natural flow, it is distributed throughout the room. In this way, a large amount of air mass is quickly wetted. The device is completely safe and can operate almost silently.

    The main disadvantage is sensitivity to water quality. Many types of ultrasonic membranes have a filter in front of them. However, if the liquid is hard, it will quickly decompose.

    It is best to fill the device with distillate, especially if there is no filter. Otherwise, the limescale will get into the ultrasonic mist and settle on furniture, walls, etc. It is very difficult to remove.

    When you need a high-quality humidifier, a model with other useful functions is the best choice. There are many options: ionization, purification, aromatization. This compound not only moisturizes, but also removes air mixture from dust and dirt particles.

    Why Use Air Humidifiers in Apartments

    The drop in humidity may not be noticed at first, but this does not mean that it is safe for humans. There are at least six factors that negatively affect organisms. Humectants help avoid them.

    1. The dryness of the mucous membrane disappeared. Nature regards them as a protective barrier to trap bacteria and viruses. In order to perform its function, the mucosa must be moisturized. Otherwise, they will become thinner or even crack. This is particularly dangerous for the nose and eyes. In this state, the nose and eyes become the "open door" for infection.

    2. Prevent eye problems. The skin around them is very thin, without sebaceous glands and sweat glands. Therefore, this area requires special attention. It easily emits moisture and becomes thinner. Under constant pressure from computers and watching TV, the eyelid skin and mucus will become dehydrated. Prone to inflammation. Various conjunctivitis appeared.

    3. Reduce the flying dust. The dust particles are very light and can rise upwards. In addition, they easily absorb water from air masses, become heavy and settle to the surface. If there is very little water, they will continue to fly. This triggers asthma attacks or bronchospasm in patients with allergies and asthma, and those who still feel healthy.

    4. The condition of hair, skin, and nails is improved. Moisture constantly evaporates from the surface of the hair. Dry air can greatly speed up this process. Supplementing the balance from internal resources does not achieve the desired effect.

    5. Eliminates sleep problems. The uncomfortable condition will affect the duration and intensity of sleep. Lack of sleep can cause performance degradation and depression. It is best to have a humidifier with an ion generator in the bedroom. The latter produces negatively charged particles, which can effectively hold water molecules.

    6. Plants begin to develop better. Home flowers stop blooming, the number of new shoots decreases, the emerging leaves are smaller, their tips dry. Plants get sick, die. The amount of oxygen they produce is significantly reduced, which adversely affects the room's microclimate.

    It is now clear why a humidifier is needed. Through all the above factors, an increase in the water vapor content of the air mixture can improve this situation. In addition, the risk of worsening chronic diseases is reduced, and the overall condition is improved.

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