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    B-3-337, Jimeikang Chuangyi Park, No. 1, Donghuan 1st Road, Longhua New Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


    Electric LED Mosquito Killer Lamp USB Anti Fly Bug Zapper Insect Trap Lamp for Home

    Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs

    Our advantages

    OEM & ODM services, 14 years of experience, Direct manufacturer with more than 25pcs injection molding machines, 2000 square meters and more than 250 workers, Professional independent design team, High-quality products.

    • Material: ABS + Electric + PU
    • Color: White
    • Feature: Sustainable
    • Packing: Gift Box
    • Description
    • Additional Information

    Electric Led Mosquito Killer Lamp USB Anti Fly Bug Zapper Insect Trap Lamp for Home Pest Control Mosquito Killer Light

    Simple new life, killing mosquitoes without worries. Mosquito nets have mosquitoes that leak through the net, and mosquito coils are prone to poisonous gas. Electric mosquito swatters are too dangerous, and mosquito killers on the market generally have problems such as low mosquito-killing efficiency, high noise, and old-fashioned design. The mosquito-killing lamp is a purely physical anti-mosquito method and contains no harmful substances. It can be used by both elderly and children.


    • Nano-spectrum.
    • Biomimetic body temperature.
    • Environmental protection mosquito trap.
    • Silent operation.
    • 7 fan leaves.
    • Four-stage mosquito catching.
    • 365nm UV mosquito spectrum.
    • UV light ionic mosquito.
    • Using mosquito-loving 365NM ultraviolet light to trap mosquito lamps, photocatalytic reaction with a photocatalyst, simulating the human body temperature, attracting mosquitoes in all directions.
    • Upgrade ABS material the whole fuselage is made of environmental protection macro molecule abs material.
    • The Air inlet grid adjusts the direction of the circulating air and increases the vortex pressure to increase the mosquito absorption capacity.
    • Deep cone spinning-air system, deep cone structure links the top of the air inlet to optimize, air diversion.


    Principle of operation

    • Centrifugal pressure, when the mosquito is sucked into the catching grille, it is difficult to escape the strong eddy of the fan and has been pressed by the cyclone into the bottom of the mosquito tray, causing it to dehydrate and dry.
    • Control in large A integrated minimalist design, 220-60mspace to kill mosquitoes, care for the whole family.
    • A new generation of UV led lamp beads stable band and high capture rate long-lasting.
    • 1800rpm high-speed fan. Using a DC mute DC fan, the large suction stirs the surrounding air, allowing the mosquito to follow the airflow and then suck in the bottom of the fan tightly.

    Precautions for Use

    Step1. Please turn it on before use (at least 3 hours).

    Step2. It is better to use in an unattended environment because people's body temperature and odor are more likely to attract mosquitoes.

    Step3. This product uses the physical mosquito killing method, so it is not always possible to kill mosquitoes immediately after booting.

    Step4. For the first time, please use it for more than 48 hours. Please close the doors and windows during the daytime use, and pull up the curtains to ensure that it is used in a dim environment. Place it on the ground about 1 meter high, do not turn on the lights, open the doors and windows; do not put it in the air conditioner or The air outlet of the electric.

    Step5. Check the mosquito storage box at least 24 hours later. The mosquitoes are killed by air drying. If they are often opened,
    the dead mosquitoes will escape.

    Product Name LED Mosquito Killer Lamp
     Input  Micro USB 5V3A
    Size 231.5 × 124 × 125 mm
    Weight 580g
     Pest Control Type UV Light + Herbal Scent + Airflow
    Application Area 20-50 Square Meters
    Time Used 10 Hours
    Power Source Electrical
    Fragrance Herbal Scent
     OME/OEM  Acceptable


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    B-3-337, Jimeikang Chuangyi Park, No. 1, Donghuan 1st Road, Longhua New Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China


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