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    The Pros and Cons of UV Light Sterilizer Box (UV Sterilizer Buying Guide)


    How to choose a UV pond sterilizer?

    A clean and beautiful pond is the pride of every owner of an artificial reservoir. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of work for your pond to become just that. The first thing that any gardener who has decided to become the owner of a beautiful garden lake thinks about is how to clean it. Of course, you can catch the garbage yourself, remove the silt - you can't do without it. In this whole process, uv light sterilizer box can help you.

    But how to cope with the eternal problem of all artificial reservoirs - water bloom and algae? For this, a pond filter will undoubtedly help. Mechanical and biological filtration is essential for every body of water. Unfortunately, many people forget about the much-needed element of this system, the  UV sterilizer .

    It is thanks to him that the water in the artificial pond will become transparent and healthy, with his help you will forever forget about the blooming of water. What is a sterilizer and which one is right for you - read on.

    UV Light Sterilizer Box 2021

    What is uv light sterilizer box for?

    UV sterilizer is special equipment. Its main purpose is to disinfect water in a reservoir from fungus, bacteria, viruses, algae and protozoa, because most of them (as you know) are pathogenic and can cause irreparable harm to the health of pond inhabitants.

    After mechanical and biological filtration, the UV sterilizer is the most important equipment that aims to improve the quality of water in the reservoir.

    How the pond sterilizer works?

    All ultraviolet sterilizers work in a similar way. Water, under pressure, passes through the filter, then enters the sterilizer. Inside it is a special ultraviolet light that effectively removes unwanted microorganisms.

    Already purified water comes out from the other side of the equipment back into the reservoir. It is a continuous cycle. Unlike an aquarium, in a pond, the filter and sterilizer must be turned on at all times.

    Many believe that under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, beneficial bacteria can die and are so necessary for the bio balance. This statement is not true.

    The uv light sterilizer box does not affect beneficial nitrifying bacteria, it can only harm pathogenic microorganisms. In addition, these microorganisms are located in the water column, and colonies of beneficial bacteria are located in the soil, biological filter or on plant roots.

    The only thing to remember: we must install the sterilizer after all the pond equipment, when the water has passed all the basic degrees of purification.

    How to choose a pond uv light sterilizer box?

    When choosing an ultraviolet sterilizer, first of all, you need to pay attention to its power. The larger your body of water, the more power this equipment requires. Thus, for a pond with a volume of 3000 liters, the purchase of a 5 W sterilizer will be relevant, for a 6000 liter - 9 W and so on.

    We also pay close attention to the quality of the material from which the uv light sterilizer box is common. So, the material for the protective glass (bulb) of the lamp can be ordinary glass, or maybe crystalline quartz. The latter transmits ultraviolet radiation better. We also carefully look at how thick the cable is and how good the insulation is.

    What are the types of UV sterilizers?

    Like filters, the sterilizer can be submersible or non-submersible, vertical or horizontal. As the name implies, we install the non-submersible sterilizer outside the water and decorated to avoid direct sunlight. Similarly, we should install submersible directly in water. The most popular are sterilizers, which have a high degree of moisture resistance.

    The first positions among sterilizers have recently been occupied by the following models:

    ➤ Sterilizer  - a very compact device that is perfect for aquariums or reservoirs up to 18,000 liters. Due to the fact that water flows in a spiral inside the equipment, the efficiency of disinfection is improved.

    ➤ Sterilizer Atman UV-11W perfectly disinfects water in an aquarium with a volume of up to 500 liters and in artificial reservoirs with a volume of up to 10,000 liters.

    ➤ Also in the Atman series, you can distinguish uv light sterilizer box for ponds of various sizes: Atman UV-9W for 7000 liters. Depending on the characteristics of your reservoir, equipment of one capacity or another is suitable.

    A UV sterilizer is an essential piece of equipment in your pond. Thanks to him, you can enjoy the cleanliness and health of an artificial pond, while making a minimum of effort.

    UV Light Sterilizer Box

    How to choose uv light sterilizer box for manicure tools?

    The most important point in the work of every nail master is sterilization and disinfection of instruments. First, let's figure out what is the difference between them. During disinfection, the instruments get rid of microorganisms by immersion in different disinfectants, but by itself it is not effective enough.

    Sterilization is the complete expulsion of all types of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other unwanted guests from the surface of the instrument.



    What are the sterilizers of manicure tools?

    A quartz sterilizer is a compact apparatus in the form of a closed container. The temperature inside the device very quickly rises to 200-250 degrees, and the sterilization itself takes only 20-30 seconds.

    By the way, the herpes virus is destroyed at a temperature of at least 200 degrees.

    Pros: small size, portability, high heating rate and the fastest sterilization process, pleasant price, long service life. Quartz sterilizers are used both in salons and at home.

    Cons: If you overexpose the tool under high heat, the cutting part of the tool may become dull and over time you will need to sharpen.

    The UV sterilizer produces a kind of irradiation of manicure instruments with UV lamps.

     Pros: Most often, such a sterilizer is used as a temporary storage for already sterile instruments.

    Cons: does not warm up to ultra-high temperatures.

    An ultrasonic uv light sterilizer box works on the basis of a specialized solution that is pierced by vibrations of ultrasonic waves. The quality of sterilization directly depends on the selected solution.

     Pros: no pre-cleaning of dirt required.

    Cons: you need to look for the highest quality disinfectant composition, which may not be cheap.

    How Do I Pick a Good uv light sterilizer box?

    In fact, one cannot say that some sterilizer is worse and some is better. From our article you learned that each type has its own pros and cons.

    If tens and hundreds of girls pass through your tools, you simply have to observe all hygiene standards and handle scissors, tongs, nail files and all kinds of brushes at the highest level. Moreover, it is in your interests - no one needs a gift in the form of hepatitis.

    And the clients will obviously treat the craftsman with great respect, who will take out a sterile instrument from a craft bag, rather than simply sprinkle it with a disinfectant.


    Health is something that is definitely not worth saving on, but in our store you can find several budget models for professional sterilization. The main thing is to follow the instructions of the manufacturer and do not overexpose the instrument.

    Because this will not make it cleaner, but only gradually deteriorate. Also, do not forget about the proper storage of the instrument after manipulation under UV rays.


    Use uv light sterilizer box your working tools after each client, and you will be happy.

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