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    What are the pros and cons of uv sterilizer wand? (Practical Guide)


    Mechanism of UV sterilizer (UV-C sterilization)

    In our daily lives, we cannot undermine the role of uv sterilizer wand. We face a considerable amount of ultraviolet rays. Each type of ultraviolet light has different properties, and each plays an important role.

    Most of the UV light comes by the sun, and about 10% of the sunlight is UV and falls on the earth. Among them, about 3-4% penetrates the atmosphere and reaches the ground. Of the ultraviolet rays that reach the earth, 95% are ultraviolet rays called UVA and 5% are ultraviolet rays called UVB.

    The measurable UVC from the sun does not reach the surface of the earth. Of this UV light, only the UVC region exhibits important bactericidal properties.

    uv sterilizer wand

    What is the excellent effect of uv sterilizer wand?

    The amount of ultraviolet rays required for ultraviolet sterilization depends on the bacterial species, morphology, and the environment in which it exists. However, the bacteria are weaker by exposing them to specific ultraviolet rays.

    What is an ultraviolet sterilizer and how is it used?

    The UV cabinet has active use both in the field of manicure and in the field of hairdressing. It is necessary for the disinfection of instruments using ultraviolet rays. You can find uv sterilizer wand also that have best results.

    To start the operation of the ultraviolet sterilizer, just put the used devices in the box and press start. An ultraviolet lamp located inside the sterilizer initiates the treatment and maintenance of sterility. It is possible to ensure high-quality sterilization if all instruments are present at a distance from each other in one row.

    Advantages of uv sterilizer wand for manicure tools:

    1. Easy to use. Great option for storing tools. All you need is simply to put the devices in the device drawer and start sterilization. Go about your business, and the UV cabinet will do its job and notify you that the devices are ready to use.
    2. Safe. You do not have to worry about getting burned when using the ultraviolet sterilizer. The ultraviolet light of such devices is safe for humans; the manicure tools themselves and others.
    3. Keeping manicure tools sharp. Does not lead to deformation of devices, damage and loss of appearance. The UV cabinet does not blunt tools, but keeps them still sharp.
    4. Can be used for storage. Ultraviolet sterilizer cabinets are used not only for cleaning and disinfecting devices, but also for their storage. As long as the devices are in the sterilizer drawer, they remain sterile clean, thereby saving you on kraft bags.
    5. Affordable price. You can buy uv sterilizer wand online at a current price affordable to everyone. Such devices are much cheaper than analogues for disinfection of manicure instruments.

    Every self-respecting salon and master should have a good ultraviolet sterilizer cabinet in their arsenal.

    What is the difference between different models of uv sterilizer wand?

    A high-quality consultation of our experts will help you to buy the correct model of an ultraviolet sterilizer cabinet for storing tools. We are always ready to recommend a good option that will satisfy your exact scope of work and requests.

    Direct use of ultraviolet sterilizers

    The effect of UV light on various viruses and bacteria came to light in the middle of the last century. These properties have even use in medicine, not only for disinfection, but also for physiotherapy procedures.

    But ultraviolet sterilizers have also use for processing manicure tools for a long time. And, despite the fact that during this time they have many competitors, the popularity of this device remains at its height due to its convenience and functionality.

    UV sterilizers are very easy to use. All instruments, regardless of the material of execution, are simply laid out in a box, closed and treated with a special light. The disadvantage is that during the sterilization of manicure instruments, they have to be turned over at least once.

    Benefits of uv sterilizer wand

    The biggest advantage of such an apparatus is that processing takes place without exposure to high temperatures. This is a real salvation for the manicure tool and all this art in general. The thing is that a sufficient number of non-metallic tools are used for manicure and pedicure.

    Previously, nail files, especially ceramic, glass, paper, and also buffs, were in great doubt. Because they are not good to expose all of this to high temperatures. But ultraviolet sterilizers are ideal for such instruments.

    The low processing temperature is also safe for the master. Do not worry that you can get your hand burned. Even if you lower your hand to a working uv sterilizer wand, nothing happens.

    Such rays are terrible for bacteria and viruses, but not for humans. For the same reasons, the service life of the tools is not reduced. There is no effect of heat on the metal, which changes its density and dulls it.

    Well, and the best part is that ultraviolet sterilizers are relatively inexpensive. Their price is much more affordable than their counterparts.

    Cons of UV sterilizers

    But each barrel of honey has a place for its own spoon of honey. Recent studies have shown that ultraviolet sterilizers of manicure tools cannot fully affect the dangerous hepatitis B virus. This disease is one of the first causes of liver cancer.

    Having been asymptomatic for many years, it is detectable even when it is very difficult to help. This course complicates research.  It was especially difficult to establish a connection between the method of sterilization of manicure tools and morbidity.

    Another insignificant, but still a drawback, is the duration of the procedure. 40-50 minutes is too long for a dynamically working master. In addition, you need to spend time turning the instrument over. You have to have an additional set of tools.

    What is the function of uv sterilizer wand?

    Modern uv sterilizer wand cope with their purpose. And even taking into account the disadvantages, they will be safely used in various beauty salons for more than one year.

    Every day we face a huge number of microbes, bacteria that can cause dangerous diseases. In the fight against them in everyday life, a portable phone sterilizer with ultraviolet lamps will help.

    UV sterilization - exposure of an appropriate spectrum of a light beam to objects, surfaces, etc. Disinfection occurs without heating, so this method is applicable to various devices, smartphones and similar complex equipment.

    Models are on sale for any situation. For use on the road, in nature, a portable ultraviolet disinfector in the form of a stick is convenient. The built-in UV lamp for phones helps to rid surfaces of harmful microorganisms in a short period of time:

    • viruses;
    • bacteria;
    • disputes;
    • fungi.

    To do this, you need to illuminate the object for 20-30 seconds at a distance of 5 cm. This destroys the cells of microbes and bacteria, but does not have a negative effect on humans or animals. And yet, use them with caution, do not give to children, protect your eyes from radiation.

    uv sterilizer wand 2021


    The portable sterilizer is powered by a battery; the maximum operating time without recharging is 3 hours. Uv sterilizer wand is compact, lightweight and very handy.

    Portable ultraviolet sterilizers for mobile phones are available in the form of a small box, stick or box. The main function of disinfection is carried out fully regardless of the design. You choose the type that you think is the most convenient for you.

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