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    What is the purpose of scope camera sterilization box?


    How to sterilize baby bottles for mothers and babies?

    If you have washed the bottle and leave it for 24 hours, the mother should disinfect the bottle again to prevent bacteria from multiplying. She can use scope camera sterilization box.

    scope camera sterilization box

    Bottles are a very important object because they directly affect the child's eating and drinking. For formula-fed babies, a clean and sterile bottle is essential because babies will be in direct mouth-to-mouth contact with the nipple.

    All moms know it's important to sterilize baby bottles before feeding them. However, not all women know how to properly disinfect milk bottles, clean and save time.

    To prevent the milk from fermenting in the bottle causing mold, after each feeding, the mother needs to immediately empty the excess milk in the bottle and clean the bottle and pacifier with a bottle brush and specialized bottle cleaner.

    All baby bottles common in a day is easy to sterilize once. Please tell me 3 very practical tips for sterilizing baby bottles.

    3 ways to save money on scope camera sterilization box

    Before sterilizing, the mother needs to thoroughly wash the bottle and teat (illustration).

    Boiling method

    Boiling is an economical method for the mother. After the bottles were washed, the mother put them in boiling water and boiled for 15-30 minutes. The specific method is as follows

    1. Prepare a stainless steel pot; fill with cold water 2/3 of the pot. Specialized stainless steel pots for sterilizing breast milk bottles should be separate and not good for other purposes such as cooking or stewing, frying...You can also use scope camera sterilization box for it.
    2. If the bottle comes of glass, you can put the bottle in a pot of cold water first. 5-10 minutes after the water boils, it is necessary to put in nipples, bottle caps and other plastic products. Cover and cook for another 3-5 minutes. Wait until the water cools, then use tongs to remove the bottle and pacifier.

    How to sterilize plastic bottles?

    For plastic bottles, you have to wait until the water boils before you put them in. Cook for another 3-5 minutes. Do not boil plastic for a long time because it will easily damage the plastic of the bottle. Mothers can see the allowed temperature listed on the bottle of milk depending on the brand.

    1. After using tongs to remove, mother put all bottles and teats upside down, dry in a well-ventilated place.

    Boiling sterilization requires us to go through many steps. Waste of time moms.

    Sterilize baby bottles with steam

    The method is modern, simple, and chosen by many women because of its convenience and low cost. If you have a scope camera sterilization box, all you need to do is simply insert the bottle and teat. Pour water and press the button. Wait until the steam sterilization is complete, the machine will automatically cut off the power.

    However, mothers should note, after sterilizing the bottle, the remaining water in the sterilizer needs to discard. All bottles and teats must leave outside for ventilation and cleanliness. In addition, doctors recommend that, if the bottles are not important after 24 hours, the mother should sterilize them again to prevent bacteria from growing.

    Sterilize milk bottles by LED ultraviolet light with sterilization cabinet uv

    Milk bottle sterilization box

    Sterilize milk bottles from the scope camera sterilization box is a more effective method than boiling water sterilization and steam sterilization.

    LED ultraviolet light can kill DNA molecular structure. Kill pathogens, no ozone, no mercury, no residue, germicidal energy as high as 99.9%. It is a real green safety, environmental sterilization.

    At the same time, the powerful ultraviolet energy of the LED lamp can decompose the odor molecular structure, effectively removing the milky taste in 3 minutes, and it is like a new bottle after sterilization.

    Why is scope camera sterilization box effective for sterilization?

    Radiation UV- C wavelength 240-280 nm long have the ability to penetrate cell membranes of microorganisms, direct attacks and destroys the genetic information contained in DNA of a cell. Causes microorganisms to inactivate, lose their ability to reproduce and thereby not be able to infect. Has a high sterilization effect.

    Advantages of UV sterilization solution

    • Effective sterilization effect from safe uv sterilization without the use of chemicals
    • Does not create unwanted harmful byproducts on the product
    • Does not affect the taste of water
    • The sterilization effect is not affected.

    Scope camera sterilization box is a low investment cost but efficient operation with high reliability

    What we keep in mind when choosing a UV sterilization solution?

    With different strains of microorganisms, there are different levels of sensitivity to UV radiation due to the structure of the cell membrane of that microorganism. Therefore, consideration should give to selecting the UV dose required for sterilization sufficient to inactivate the microorganism.

    The metal ions and organic acids in the water have the ability to absorb the radiation of   UV C sterilization, causing the UVC light transmission efficiency to reduce even when the water perceives to be very clean.

    The turbidity of water greatly affects the efficiency of scope camera sterilization box. As the turbidity of water increases, more particles suspended in the water will scatter, absorb and scatter UV light, reducing the effectiveness of UV sterilization.

    What is the UV dose required to ensure effective sterilization?

    With different strains of microorganisms with different degrees of sensitivity to UV radiation, they inactivate 90%/99.99% when irradiated with the respective UV doses:

    Moderate Disinfection: Removes "pathogenic bacteria" with sunlight we understand that there are three main types of bacteria: beneficial bacteria (probiotics), bad bacteria (pathogenic bacteria), bacteria can be bad or bad (conditional pathogens).

    scope camera sterilization box 2022

    We can see that not all bacteria are harmful to the human body. For example, probiotics help with digestion, strengthen immunity, and balance the body's ecosystem, microorganisms and good for health. For this reason, uv sterilization is not in favor of a sterile environment, but in favor of moderate sterilization.


    "The current environment can change and pathogenic bacteria are rampant. We hope that the uv disinfection product can effectively eliminate pathogenic bacteria harmful to the human body and make an green sterilization revolution through deep UV sterilization technology to really disinfect quickly.

    All of this comes on human health, which is the starting point and brand vision of our company us about "making people's lives better"

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