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    Sterile Glove Box: Step by Step Guide to Sterile Equipment In UV Sterilization Box


    Sterile Glove Box: Step by Step Guide to Sterile Equipment in UV Sterilization Box

    sterile glove box

    We use medical gloves in different areas of life. This is not only a mandatory attribute of doctors, but also for people of other professions. But what is important to keep it safe from germs? Definitely, we cannot ignore the role of a sterile glove box here. 

    Who is using sterile glove box?

    Basically, gloves are common primarily in medicine. They are used by medical workers in laboratories to general therapists who need to be in contact with many people:

    • laboratory assistants;
    • nurses;
    • attending physicians;

    It is important to use sterile glove box in areas of medicine such as dermatology. Hence, many skin diseases can easily transmit from person to person through contact. That is why doctors of different specialties can buy latex gloves.

    But it's not just doctors who use medical gloves. They gloves are popular among people who work in the field of catering, beauty and health. Moreover, these gloves are important for everyone who has mass interaction on daily basis. So what to do to keep it germ free. Definitely, you cannot afford to buy gloves for every interaction. Therefore, buying a good sterile glove box is very important.

    Sterile or non-sterile?

    When choosing gloves, in addition to their size, type, and other things, you need to decide whether you need sterile gloves or regular ones will do.

    Sterile gloves are more expensive. Basically, each pair is packed in separate envelopes. But ordinary gloves can be packed in boxes of several dozen pairs.

    If you need gloves for home use or for your work, it is best to buy a large box.

    When purchasing sterile gloves, it is important to adhere to the storage conditions. The packaging should be clear to check before use with clean hands. If the storage conditions are not god, they will no longer be sterile, even if the packaging is not damaged. Also, remember that sterile gloves have their own expiration date.


    Check the size of sterilizing device before buying

    Also find out what your hand size is before buying. Furthermore, it is better to choose those gloves that come with special treatment. If the hand is wet, these will be easy to put on. If there is no talcum powder, you will have to tinker with it. Similarly, to make it germ free, also have a quick sterile glove box.

    Generally, latex gloves are inexpensive, so they are available to anyone. After using them, just throw them away and take new ones.


    Generally, the use of gloves in your work is not just a requirement in some professions. First of all, this is your safety and protection from various pathogenic microorganisms.

    Reliable sterilization in 3 minutes with sterile glove box

    The sterile glove box has record to eliminate 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses within 3 minutes. The 8 highly effective UVC-LED modules ensure that every side and edge of your article is free from bacteria.

    Similarly, it increases the safety and health of yourself and those around you in a record time of 3 minutes.

    Flexible and versatile

    Basically, the Steri-Box is light and handy enough to take with you everywhere.

    It is ideal for a wide variety of objects. Generally, people mainly use them for the following items:

    • cell phones
    • keys
    • glasses
    • pens
    • watches and jewelry

    Sustainable and environmentally friendly sterile glove box

    All of our products are 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly. This means that our products are not only chemical-free but also 100% ozone-free.

    Advantages of the box

    How to sterilize your utensils?

    • Put your item in the box
    • Close the lid and turn on the box
    • After 3 minutes, 99.9 of all germs and bacteria have been killed
    • Remove your aseptic item

    Convincing technology

    The technical advantages:

    • Kills 99.9% of all germs
    • Compact design
    • Switches off automatically when opened
    • 13 watts of power
    • 360 ° sterilization through an integrated mirror
    • Easy to handle

    Thorough sterilization for many uses

    There are many possible uses for the sterile glove box. The box is suitable for these applications:

    • Mobile phones
    • Care utensils, toothbrushes
    • Glasses and keys
    • Face masks
    • and much more....

    Does sterile glove box work?

    UVC LED light is common for sterilization by hospitals around the world for over 60 years. We have now made this technology available to everyone. With our UVC products, 99.9% of bacteria die within 3 minutes.

    sterile glove box suppliers

    Are there any negative side effects?

    No, our UVC LED products are absolutely harmless for the user. In addition, all products are 100% ozone-free, chemical-free and environmentally friendly. All of our products have been independently tested by the following authorities SGS, FDA, EPA, CE, and BSCI.

    The stages of pre-disinfection of medical instruments

    1. Pre-disinfection and cleaning

    This step is not necessary if the medical devices are clean without delay after use. In other cases, pre-disinfection makes it possible to prevent the drying of soils on the equipment. Moreover, it limits microbial contamination to protect personnel and their environment.

    After checking that your instruments are working well, immediately after use, put them in a bath of detergent disinfectant without aldehyde (forceps and scissors open).

    1. First rinse

    The first rinsing eliminates the pre-disinfectant product and dirt. Rinse thoroughly by soaking and / or tap water.

    1. Cleaning

    Cleaning is common to remove soiling for a visually clean sterile glove box. Once disassembled if necessary, clean the equipment in a new detergent bath. Similarly, it may be the same as that used for the pre-disinfection, using a non-abrasive brush. An ultrasonic tank can be used for fine, hollow, fragile or complex materials.

    1. Rinsing

    Rinsing can be done by immersion in a tub or sink before being passed under running water.

    1. Drying

    After rinsing, the MD is dried before use or before sterilization or high level or intermediate level disinfection for other MDs. Drying makes it possible not to dilute the disinfectant product, to avoid microbial multiplication and to optimize the effectiveness of sterilization. It is carried out via a clean absorbent non-woven backing.

    6. Verification of the medical device with sterile glove box

    After sterilization, check:

    • Cleanliness to the naked eye
    • Obsolescence
    • The absence of corrosion points
    • The absence of cracks
    • Working condition
    1. Sterilization

    There are different sterilization methods (dry heat, ethylene oxide, plasma gas, etc.) but sterilization by pressurized steam or moist heat remains the reference process for reusable medical devices. The sterile glove box must meet the following conditions:

    • Have an air elimination system (pump type)
    • Have a cycle with a thermal plateau of 134 ° C for 18 min
    • Being able to record the parameters for traceability (temperature, pressure, duration)


    Thanks to its capacity and its multifunctional design, this UV sterilization box effectively disinfects a multitude of everyday objects in a simple and fast way. You just have to put them inside the box, press a button and wait a few minutes. In addition, it is ideal for objects of frequent use mask, glasses, keys, wallet, watch, mobile phone.

    • Material: ABS
    • Original design and easy to carry
    • Type:
      • Electric
      • Reusable
      • Multifunction

    How to choose your sterile glove box?

    The sterile glove box sterilization method is commonly used in the medical and biological environment. But nowadays, it invites itself more and more in the daily life and in the hearths. It provides protection against germs. It was in 1878 that the sterilizing action of UV rays on bacteria was discovered. The most effective wavelength in this regard is around 250 nm.

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