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    How to use sterile work box in saloon in 2021?


    sterile work box
    In a large assortment of equipment for sterile work box, frankly, you can get confused ... And it doesn't matter if you are an experienced master or a newbie in the nail field, you must understand the equipment for disinfection and sterilization, because the safety of the master himself directly depends on this knowledge and client.

    One of the most important conditions for the provision of high-quality manicure services is compliance with the rules of disinfection and sterilization of manicure tools in beauty salons. These rules are called - stages of sterilization of manicure instruments. What are the stages of sterilization? What equipment is needed for high-quality sterilization and disinfection? Let's figure it out….

    STAGE # 1 Disinfection of manicure instruments

    So, let's proceed to the first stage - disinfection of manicure and pedicure tools. After working with the client, all instruments must be decontaminated, that is, placed in a container with a disinfectant solution. A box or container for disinfection of manicure instruments can serve as such a container.

    Also, at the first stage, you can use sterile work box, into which a disinfectant for manicure instruments is poured. Exposure of the instrument in the disinfectant solution depends on the concentrate of the agent and on average ranges from 7 minutes to 15 minutes. That is, we realized that at the first stage you have 2 options: use a container for disinfection with disinfectant solution or an ultrasonic cleaner.

    STEP # 2 Cleaning of manicure tools with sterile work box

    After our manicure tools are disinfected in disinfecting solution, you need to start cleaning them. This is where our second stage of sterilization begins. Masters who use an ultrasonic cleaner at this stage will benefit, as they save a lot of time. So, we have two options for pre-sterilization cleaning of manicure tools:

    Use a box or container for disinfection with disinfection solution poured into it

    After holding the manicure tool in a disinfectant solution, it is necessary to rinse under running water and clean the tool with a brush from the remnants of dust, dirt, skin, as well as from the disinfectant solution itself. That is, when using sterile work box for disinfection, you also need to have a stiff brush that is good for cleaning the cutters.

    Use sterile work box

    Sterile work box is best for disinfection, since the sink is made of stainless steel. The main feature of this device is that it can combine the first two stages of sterilization - disinfection and cleaning. It is ideal for cleaning cutters, as ultrasound removes the smallest dirt particles.

    You can rinse instruments from the remains of disinfectant solution directly in the sieve that comes with the sink. It is not necessary to clean the cutters with a brush after using an ultrasonic cleaner.


    For disinfection in a dry heat cabinet, a dry instrument comes on a metal tray and places in the cabinet. To prevent corrosion during machining, the entire tool must be dry.

    Sterilization in a dry oven can take place with or without work box.

    An excellent sterilizer of manicure tools for the home is sterile work box.

    Storage of sterile instruments in sterile work box

    An important step in sterilization is the storage of sterile instruments.

    If we sterilize instrument in a dry heat cabinet without using sterile work box, then to maintain sterility it must come in an ultraviolet cabinet for storing sterile instruments.

    When used during sterilization of work box, it is possible to store sterile instruments in work box without using a UV cabinet for storing sterile instruments.

    sterile work box 2021

    As a rule, a thermo-sterilizer has a temperature and time regulator. The sterilization rate is always 60 minutes at 180-200 degrees. If you set the temperature lower, then it will take longer to sterilize.


    • quite noisy when working;
    • loud sound at the end of work;
    • there may be a smell when processing tools in bags;
    • bulky, takes up a lot of space;

    How to use sterile work box?

    If you use a spatula to push back the cuticle, then first you need to treat the skin with a remover, wait about a minute and then gently push it down to the nail bed with the flat side of the tool. Make sure that the angle of inclination of the scraper does not exceed 45 degrees.

    Do not press hard, work delicately. Do not work on weight: place your fingers on a level surface to minimize the possibility of accidental injury. Is there any dirt on or under the nail? Then carefully and thoroughly clean them off with a hatchet.

    How to choose sterile work box?

    Moving on to one of the most important parts of our article: we should not make mistake when choosing a pusher? Let's define the main criteria.

    • Instrument material
      Give preference to medical grade stainless steel scrapers. They are more durable and better disinfected.
    • ConvenienceTake the tool in your hand - if it does not slip and you are generally comfortable holding it, then this is the best option. By the way, many manufacturers serrate pusher pens so that they don't have a chance to fall out of the brush during work.
    • Tip shapeChoose a scraper based on the anatomical shape of your nail plate. A universal option that suits everyone is the oval tip.

    At this time of great world crisis due to the effects of the spread of Covid-19, Light Progress receives numerous requests from all over the planet. However, we know that the difficult containment of this pandemic will mean that, sooner or later, all the countries of the world will have to face the same problems and that presumably the same situation could recur cyclically in the future.

    Conclusion sterile work box

    We believe that sharing information on the solutions implemented around the world thanks to the use of sterile work box is useful, especially considering that many of our systems can safeguard people's health and put healthcare personnel in the conditions to work safely.

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