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    8 Reasons we need Sterilization Box in China


    The importance of sterilization box in china for a beauty salon

    The importance of sterilization box in china for a beauty salon and their types, advantages and disadvantages are discussed here. Compliance with hygiene and sanitation is a must for all beauty salons. There are special sanitary requirements for working tools.

    Sterilization Box in China

    After all, it must not only be washed and wiped after each client, but completely disinfected. And believe me; here one alcohol zed cotton wool will not be enough. After each manicure / pedicure, millions of pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms and their spores remain on the working surfaces of scissors, tweezers, cutters, etc.

    What is the need of sterilization box in china?

    For effective and complete disinfection of instruments, you must have a sterilization box in china in your salon. It is a guarantee of the safety of your customers, as well as a direct proof of the impeccable reputation of your institution.

    In addition, the need for sterilization is regulated by state legislation and non-compliance can lead to the loss of the license. What a sterilizer is, what it is and how to choose it, we will consider below.

    What is a manicure sterilization box in china?  

    A sterilizer for manicure instruments is a special type of equipment that ensures the safety of services in a beauty salon. He is able to destroy absolutely all micro floras that got on the instrument as a result of his contact with the client.

    Sanitary processing of manicure, hairdressing, sterilization box in china and cosmetic instruments protects the next client and even the master himself from infection with bacterial, viral and fungal infections, including the most dangerous of them - hepatitis B and C, HIV and AIDS.

    How sterilizers disinfect objects?

    The sterilizer can disinfect objects with thermal, UV and ultrasonic exposure. Depending on what materials the working tools are made of, you can choose such equipment with the most convenient method of cleaning and disinfection.  Sterilization can be done in two ways:

    • Autoclaving (hot steam treatment);
    • Chemical (by immersing the instrument in containers with disinfectants)

    How to choose a dry oven?  

    The most affordable, effective and convenient solution for a beauty salon is dry heat sterilization. Indeed, with the help of dry heat with a temperature of 200-260 ° C, it is possible to disinfect all working tools in just 0.5-2 hours.  Drying ovens have proven to be highly effective in sterilizing manicure and cosmetic instruments.


    Before choosing a dry oven, make sure that you do not need to sterilize sterilization box in china that are perishable by high temperatures. The dry heat method is perfect for disinfecting porous and hollow metal instruments.   In order for your choice to be successful, it is necessary to clearly define the aspects for which you can find the equipment that suits your tasks.


    Analyze the daily attendance and workload of your establishment in order to find a dry oven that will process tools as quickly as possible.

    Working volume of sterilization box in china

    It can be from 1.7, 2.5 liters to 10 or more. For small outlets with relatively low traffic, compact dry ovens with a small chamber volume will suffice. If you plan to expand, or your salon serves more than 5 people per hour, it is advisable to pay attention to more spacious models, in which you can place large quantities of tools of any size.


    The price of a sterilization box in china starts at $ 200 and depends on its functionality, brand awareness and the seller's margin. In our store you can find a Panacea Italian-Russian sterilizer with European quality certificates with a minimum extra charge.

    Ease of handling

    The easier it is for the master to use the equipment, the shorter each procedure will take. If the dry-oven is able to automatically maintain the set temperature regime in the chamber, then this greatly simplifies the work with it.

    Moreover, the air heating temperature should be easy to switch. Similarly, models that work only with a temperature of 200-240 ° are not suitable for sterilizing thin stainless steel instruments.

    To prevent the steel blade from dulling, the air temperature should be in the range of 160-180 degrees.   Important! Excessively high temperatures reduce the quality and durability of sterilization box in china. If you need a faster sterilization than in a dry oven, then use an autoclave, in which you can disinfect and dry even the most fragile steel product at a safe temperature.

    What types of cosmetic sterilizers are there?  

    In addition to a dry-heat cabinet and an autoclave, there are also such types of cosmetic sterilizers:

    • ball
    • Similarly, steam or air
    • glasperlen
    • ultraviolet
    • Furthermore, ultrasonic

    Types of cosmetic sterilizers

    All of these types of equipment have their own character of disinfecting action, pros and cons.

    Ball sterilizer

    A ball sterilizer is a specific tank with quartz glass balls inside. At 250⁰C, sterilization of a manicure sterilization box in china (or several sets at the same time) takes 5-15 seconds. According to experts, a ball sterilizer is capable of serving the workplaces of 3 foremen.
    Sterilization Box in China 2021

    The autoclave

    The autoclave detoxifies the surfaces of instrumentation with hot steam with a temperature of up to 135 ⁰C under a pressure of up to 3 atmospheres. It uses electricity economically and allows you to quickly process multiple sets. The S and B class models have a vacuum drying function, but the N autoclaves do not.

    The latter are suitable for sterilizing instruments without a kraft bag, which becomes covered with moisture in the absence of drying. If you still intend to purchase equipment with vacuum drying, keep in mind that the sterilization time will increase by 10-15 minutes.

    Sterilization box in china

    It a glass with quartz balls heated to 180-240 ° C for 40-60 minutes and allowing the sterilization box in china to be disinfected in 20-180 seconds. SES approved. After processing, the instruments must be cooled naturally to room temperature.

    “What to do to be healthy?”, “how to start a healthy life?”, or “how to have a healthy and happy life?”, are questions frequently asked by people.

    Conclusion sterilization box in china

    Let us first look at the sterilization box in china: what does it mean to be healthy? According to the World Health Organization (WHO) health is “the physical, mental and social well-being, more than the mere absence of disease…”

    In other words, being healthy is not just the absence of disease, but essentially the individual's physical and mental well-being. It is no accident that the WHO defines health in this way, giving the word a much broader meaning than just the simple antonym of disease.

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