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    How to adjust sterilization time in uv sterilizer bag?


    uv sterilizer bag is common to disinfect, dry baby items such as baby bottles, daily utensils. It performs well to limit bacteria from entering and affecting health.

    What is UV Dry Sterilizer?

    uv sterilizer bag

    UV sterilization technology is a modern method. It is widely common in medicine. Similarly, it can kill all harmful microorganisms. This is considered the most effective sterilization method today.

    In just 10 to 15 minutes, the Sterilizer bag bottle sterilizer can preserve items in a sterile environment after 72 hours.​

    Structure of uv drying sterilizer

    Generally, the housing of the machine comes of super mirror stainless steel to maximize UV ​​reflectivity. Inside the engine compartment is designed with a large capacity of up to 17 liters that can hold 12 wide neck bottles.

    You can dry multiple items at the same time to save energy and time with uv sterilizer bag. In addition, touch panel, led screen makes it easy to observe the machine's operating functions.

    What are the different uv sterilizer bag modes?

    You can adjust 4 modes on the machine including automatic / sterilization / drying / storage. And 2 sterilization functions, drying according to 4 operating cycles.

    • Automatic drying and sterilization
    • Moreover, Dry without sterilizing
    • Sterilize without drying

    Storage: sterilized by UV light for 2 minutes every 2 hours.

    Basically, the machine comes with an activated carbon air filter. This helps to prevent toxic gas and pollution at the inlet and outlet to ensure that the air in the machine is absolutely clean, free of dust and harmful substances.

    Functions of the uv sterilizer bag

    Low-temperature drying (55 - 65 degrees Celsius) with PTC to limit the risk of hand burns. The advantage of PTC technology is that it dries by hot air. Similarly, it easily circulates in the machine to dry all water particles in every corner of the kitchen product.


    Keeps sterilized items sterilized for up to 72 hours. If you don't want to use the bottles in the machine right away, you don't have to re-sterilize them via uv sterilizer bag. Because the machine has set a 2-minute sterilization schedule after 2 hours work

    What can uv sterilizer bag do?

    The uv sterilizer bag has the ability to automatically shut down when the door is opened: When the door is opened, the machine will automatically stop working, but if you close the door after 3 minutes, the machine will continue to work without interruption.

    When opening the door, the led light will turn on so you can get items at night without the light of the outside lights. Moreover, on the led screen it shows the temperature in the engine room.

    You will no longer have to worry every time you take things out with your hands. Because the temperature in the engine room is continuously measured by the thermal sensor wire.

    The function of adjusting the sterilization time and drying time

    You can choose the appropriate sterilization and drying time for each item. Furthermore, it is to ensure that your baby's utensils are dry and clean of bacteria.

    The exhaust fan always works in conjunction with the uv sterilizer bag to remove unwanted odors.

    UV lamp alarm at end of life:

    When it is time to change the UV lamp, the display will alert you, Philips UV lamps normally have a lifespan of 6000 hours (equivalent to about 1 year of use). And After this time, please replace the UV lamp for the machine.

    How to order genuine UV drying sterilizer?

    We are committed to providing 100% genuine uv sterilizer bag and dryer, nationwide delivery, cash collection.

    Note when using UV drying sterilizer

    During operation, if the door is opened, the machine will stop all operating modes and the LED display will show “E3” warning. Then if the door closes within 3 minutes, the machine stops the alarm and returns to the current working process.

    The LED display does not show the working time of the exhaust fan

    During the auto process, if you press this again, the machine will start the process again. To stop the process, long press the AUTO button for 2 seconds, the device will stop working and go back to standby mode.

    You should unplug the uv sterilizer bag before cleaning.

    How to arrange utensils in uv sterilizer bag?

    • Remove water in bottles, nipples, pacifiers, etc.
    • Keep the bottle facing up
    • Similarly, Keep the distance between the bottles
    • Disassemble each part of the items, open side facing up
    • In addition, keep all items about 3cm. Away from ultraviolet (UV) lights

    In recent months we have heard a lot about sanitation and correct behaviors to keep avoiding contagion from Coronavirus.

    Wash your hands, often disinfect everyday objects but above all sanitize what surrounds us with effective systems such as the ultraviolet one.

    What is the level of uv sterilizer bag in killing germs?

    It is a practice that guarantees 99.9% destruction of germs through UV rays that are not harmful to humans.

    uv sterilizer bag 2021

    An effective and practical way to eliminate viruses, bacteria, fungi, germs, molds and allergens up to 99.9 percent from all surfaces. It can be from the PC keyboard to the baby's pacifier, from the kitchen top to the sole of shoes, from bags of shopping in the jacket.

    How to use uv sterilizer bag in house?

    Any object that enters the house after being in contact with the outside is easy to sanitize with uv sterilizer bag. We can do it in complete tranquility. This machine makes it sure to eliminate every type of germ and bacteria.

    Bacteria have their days numbered with advanced technology-tuned devices conveniently available on Amazon.

    UV light sterilization box for cell phones, glasses, beauty care

    It is a latest generation device that uses pro-UV light to kill a large amount of viruses and bacteria after just three minutes.

    An absolutely innovative system implemented by the leadingplus company, already specialized in the production of UV LED sterilizers for small everyday objects that could be in contact with dangerous and contagious viruses.


    uv sterilizer bag is perfect for small accessories such as glasses, make up, keys, pens and anything that puts us at risk and the people we love.

    The disinfection it carries out is safe and rapid because it is activated with the emission of ultraviolet light which is equipped with a wavelength of 260 nm - 280 nm through 8 UVC LEDs and automatic shutdown. In 180 seconds, germs and bacteria have the seconds counted to live in a peaceful way without fear of what we touch.

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