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    SUNUV S2 sterilizer box: 12 Reasons to choose Sterilize Box for Saloons


    SUNUV S2 sterilizer box: 12 Reasons to choose  Sterilize Box for Saloons

    SUNUV S2 sterilizer box

    Today in which environment we are surviving, is full of harmful germs. These germs are so poisonous that they can seriously infect us. So, to avoid all these dangerous viruses you really need a perfect UV sterilizer. Basically, SUNUV S2 sterilizer box has designed to get rid of all such harmful bacteria.

    The box is ideal for all the nail equipment and many small objects which you use at your home. Furthermore, this sanitizer box is ideal for salons because people of almost all ages and areas go to salons. There is a great possibility for us to infect by germs as several people use all the equipment of saloons.

    Actually, S2 sterilizer box has designed to sanitize all nail equipment because they hold dangerous microbes. If you are still unaware about this amazing sterilizing technology, don’t worry. By reading this article you can get all essential information about UV sanitizing boxes.

    What is SUNUV S2 sterilizer box and how it works? Moreover, how S2 UV sterilizer box has become a basic need of saloons.

    What is a UV sterilizer box?

    In fact, there are germs and small microorganism all around us. They are present on everything whether it is small or big. For example, they are,

    • In the whole environment
    • Air
    • Water
    • And on all other objects of our daily use.

    So, for healthy lifestyle of you and your beloved it is very important to escape from these deadly bacteria. UV sterilizer boxes have ability to remove all such viruses and microbes. These boxes can kill these small organisms by using UV lights. They are very effective and can kill nearly 100% of bacteria.

    Why it is essential to use sterilize boxes?

    SUNUV S2 sterilizer box suppliers

    UV sterilizer boxes are necessary for your healthy lifestyle. In fact, their magical powers of UV lights purify your atmosphere as well as many items of use. Most of us think that by washing our household items can kill these fatal microorganisms.

    • But they are so strong that our
    • Regular soaps
    • Dishwashers
    • And even liquid sanitizers can’t damage them.

    You can only remove them with the help of UV sanitizing boxes. Basically, UV lights are very strong to kill all unsafe and perilous viruses and germs. Furthermore, when you make use of these boxes there is no chance to survive any dangerous organism.

    Additionally, they have ability to disinfecting all your objects perfectly. Indeed, SUNUV S2 sterilizer box is one of these disinfecting boxes. Let’s know about this helpful UV gadget in detail.

    What is SUNUV S2 sterilizer box?

    This sanitizer box of SUNUV is highly advantageous and wonderful product. It has ideally created and designed to disinfect your beauty tools. Although it has specially designed to sanitize your nail equipment. But you can sanitize many other small tools relating to your beauty.


    You know that bacteria and viruses are present all around us and we can’t avoid them. We have to coexist with them. Moreover, they are present everywhere so how it is possible that our beauty tools can escape by their attack.

    The SUNUV S2 sterilizer box is a certified product. Basically, it has perfectly prepared for nail art equipment.


    It can provide us super-hygienic lifestyle by disinfecting our necessary items. Although we wash these tools on regular basis but it is not enough to make them 100% hygienic. Nowadays it is really important to sanitize these products by using UV lights for highly security.

    It is also beneficial for,

    • Jewelry items
    • Keys
    • Nail instruments
    • Tweezers
    • Earbuds
    • Small scissors
    • Toothbrushes
    • Credit cards, watches and many more small items.

    S2 sterilizer box not only sanitize your small tools but can also secure your small accessories by putting in it. So, it is greatly helpful for sanitizing as well as for storage purposes.

    How does SUNUV S2 sterilizer box work?

    Actually, SUNUV S2 sterilizer box is truly helpful for nail art and you can also use it by yourself. It is easy to use and maintain at home. It has made with strong plastic. This is very lightweight with 0.8kg (1.76lb). This device is portable and you can use it even in your long travelling.

    It is an ideal instrument to secure all your beauty tools during travelling. Moreover, you can save your toothbrushes as they need highly hygiene for healthy gums and teeth.

    It actually has 10 LED beads inside the lid. These LED beads have ability to generate a strong wavelength of 260-280nm. And this strong wave can kill 99.99% microbes and bacteria by demolishing their DNA or RNA.

    Furthermore, SUNUV S2 sterilizer box only takes 3 minutes for disinfecting your small instruments. Simply turn on it by pressing the button for just 3 seconds. Open this small, strong and portable device. Put the items inside the box which you want to sanitize. Close the lid of the box and press the button once again.

    Make sure that box has closed properly. It will give you 3 minutes to sanitize your small objects. The special light which is present on the lid will give you the sign of completing the sterilizing process. A special voice will announce that the procedure of sanitizing has successfully done.

    Special features of SUNUV S2 sterilizer box

    The SUNUV S2 sterilizer box also has some extra features. Such as,

    1. Durable ABS material is so strong that it is an anti-throwing device
    2. It is chargeable and you can use it anywhere, anytime.
    3. It is an energy saving sanitizing product
    4. The product has a built-in lithium battery, so it provides you 120 minutes of functioning
    5. You can easily use it for at least 40 times without any wire
    6. The device has ability to power off automatically in the conditions of low battery.
    7. Its durable lid has greatest facility to switch of built-in safety sensor
    8. UV light cannot damage your eyes
    9. This built-in switch can automatically off the UV LED lights
    10. The SUNUV S2 sterilizer boxhas an ideal light source of UV light of 253.57nm
    11. Device has reflective glass with strong UV-C light in its bottom, item is healthy from each angle
    12. This sanitizing device comes with the best warranty of 1 year

    Why SUNUV S2 sterilizer box is an ideal product for saloons?

    As you know that several people attend the saloons or parlors every day. All will come with countless different germs. So, it is necessary to disinfect all the saloons' items regularly and properly. This S2 sterilizer box has ability to kill 100% germs from all small items at saloons.

    SUNUV S2 sterilizer box manufacturers

    Furthermore, it has ideally designed for nail art equipment. There are many diseases that spread through nail art equipment. Some dangerous diseases that spread through these instruments are:

    • Paronychia
    • Beriberi
    • Hepatitis
    • Onychomycosis and many more.

    All the above harmful diseases are very risky and can spread easily by manicure. Only SUNUV S2 sterilizer box can kill them because they are so strong. Old and traditional methods have failed to properly disinfect them.

    So, this UV product has become the essential need of all saloons. UV lights have ability to make them 100% safe to use for everyone. Moreover, its extra strong 360 degree is greatly helpful to kill all deadly germs and microbes.

    Today normal cleaning methods are no safer, only proper disinfection by using UV lights is safe. In this risky period of CoVID-19, it is necessary to use UV sanitizing products for healthy lifestyle.


    In this risky period of CoVID-19, it is necessary to use UV sanitizing products for healthy lifestyle. You and your loving family can only survive by using UV sterilizing devices. The SUNUV S2 sterilize box is perfect tool for saloons. Because people go to saloons even in this most high-risk period of CoVID-19.

    Its using process is very simple and all of you can sterilize your beaty instruments easily and more conveniently. So, get this magical box ang get rid of all funky germs which are present on your necessary stuff.

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