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    The Beginner Guide to use uv baby bottle sterilizer


    How bottles and pacifiers are really effectively cleaned?

    uv baby bottle sterilizer

     Microwave baby bottle sterilization

    The microwave can be your best ally if you want to sterilize your baby’s bottle quickly and above all safely. To sterilize the bottle in the microwave, I recommend that you use special uv baby bottle sterilizer that will make the sterilization process more complete and safer.

    These containers are a practical and quick solution to sterilize baby’s bottles and if you are planning a trip out of town, you can bring a spare bottle already sterilized with you, perhaps leaving it in the closed container so as to eliminate any risk of contamination.

    How to sterilize baby bottle?

    To sterilize the bottle with these "special bags" just disassemble it and insert it into the container adding water: put the bag in the microwave and wait 90 seconds, at the end of the waiting time the bottle will be completely sterilized.

    Thanks to the sterilization containers you can sterilize both the bottle and the pacifier in the microwave.

    Sterilize the bottle in the microwave without a bag

    On several websites it is recommended to enter the bottle to be sterilized directly in the microwave. This practice is highly discouraged because it assumes that the microwave chamber is an aseptic environment.

    Nothing more wrong! In the microwave, vapors, microorganisms accumulate and… don't forget that the microwave compartment comes into contact with food, containers and our hands every day…!

    This is by no means an aseptic environment, therefore we recommend sterilizing the bottle using a uv baby bottle sterilizer, created to ensure a sterile and protected environment.

    Correct handling of baby bottles

    For mothers who cannot or do not want to breastfeed, baby bottles are among the utensils that are needed several times a day.  If you come to a baby shop or drugstore, you will find entire shelves full of different baby bottles, teats and various other accessories.

    Parents who are having a baby for the first time in particular are unsure about the abundance of different bottles and manufacturers and do not know which baby bottle is the right one for their child.

    Which uv baby bottle sterilizer is suitable for you baby?

    Baby bottles come in different sizes. It is advisable to have at least 4 large and 2 small bottles in the house. If you notice that you can't get there, you can always buy more bottles. Whether you prefer baby bottles made of glass or plastic is up to you.

    Plastic bottles are shatterproof, but they scratch more easily and sometimes still contain the harmful substance bisphenol A, which is suspected of causing cancer.

    Glass bottles are heavier than the plastic version, but are preferred by many mothers because they are easier to clean. In addition, it is often annoying for a toddler to have such a heavy bottle in his mouth all the time. This automatically counteracts the dangerous constant sucking that can lead to tooth decay.

    Such products can fit into uv baby bottle sterilizer easily.

    Which teat is the right one?

    When it comes to teats, a basic distinction is made between milk, tea and porridge teats.
    In the interests of your child, please always use the correct teat for the respective food. When it comes to the material, you have the choice between silicone and latex. And the shape of the suction cups is also different.

    Many babies prefer teats that are modeled on the female breast, while others get along better with the flattened version. Only one thing really helps here: try it out. You will quickly notice which teat is the favorite of your offspring.

    Clean baby bottles

    To keep the baby bottles hygienic, they need to be cleaned thoroughly after each use. It is best to rinse the bottle and teat with clear water immediately after a meal. This will prevent milk residues from sticking. You have to sterilize the baby bottles and teats once a day - this is especially important for babies under six months.

    There are special uv baby bottle sterilizer devices for sterilization - models for the microwave are particularly practical. If you do not want to buy a sterilizer, you can also sterilize the baby bottles and teats in a large pot with boiling water.

    How to clean a breast pump?

    If you are looking for a very special bottle for your baby, you can order baby bottles with your child's name from various online shops. These surfaces are made of glass and are individually labeled by glass blowers. So you always have a beautiful, lasting memory of the baby time.

    But how long do you need baby bottles?

    Well, from the 6th month onwards, babies are slowly becoming interested in drinking from a glass or mug. Now the time has come to make the drinking cup or cup tasty for your child. A small plastic cup can now also be used. So your baby will soon be able to drink just like the grown-ups. Of course, a lot of things will go wrong at the beginning, but the same applies here: Practice makes perfect!
    As of: January 16, 2021

    Where can you buy baby bottles?



    Baby one

    On the Internet



    What do I need uv baby bottle sterilizer bottles for?

    In addition to food, your child also needs fluids. But baby bottles are not only used when drinking water or tea: They help you to be flexible when breastfeeding: Perhaps breastfeeding does not work at all times or you do not always have the opportunity. With the baby bottle you, but also other family members, can offer your baby expressed breast milk or ready-to-use milk.


    How many baby bottles do i need?

    There is no guideline for the amount of baby bottles you need to have around the house. But you can orientate yourself on the number of meals. On average, your baby will be fed five to eight times a day.

    What material is there for baby bottles?

    There are currently three different UV baby bottle sterilizer materials on the market: glass, plastic and stainless steel. Each material has advantages and disadvantages:

      benefits disadvantage
    Glass does not discolor

    easy to clean


    scratch resistant

    tasteless & odorless


    environmentally friendly


    relatively difficult



    risk of injury

    plastic light



    cheap to buy

    Baby can hold bottle alone

    not easy to clean

    can discolour

    quick wear

    easily scratched

    not environmentally friendly

    not heat resistant

    stainless steel easy to clean





    heat resistant

    tasteless & odorless


    environmentally friendly

    not transparent
    (filling is difficult)Hig


    How to sterilize the bottle in the pot with water?

    uv baby bottle sterilizer 2021

    Many mothers think that the safest way to sterilize their baby 's bottle  is to use uv baby bottle sterilizer; it is true, water at 100 ° C can kill most of the germs and bacteria but in this way there is a high energy and water waste: on the one hand you will have to put enough water in a pot to be able to completely cover the  bottle and on the other hand, you will have to wait for the water to boil!

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