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    Top 5 Bulk Phone cases for iPhone and Android


     Types of cases for mobile phone

    Bulk Phone cases
    Nowadays every person has a mobile phone. Modern life is difficult to imagine without this convenient gadget that allows you to be in touch around the clock. The phone is used every day, so it is only natural that it always accompanies its owner. At the same time, it is important to protect your gadget from moisture, dirt, falls, chips and other troubles. Bulk phone case comes to the rescue.


    What is a bulk phone case for?

    You can find many varieties of phone cases in stores, and making a choice is not always easy. Therefore, before buying the right cover, you should think about what dangers your cell phone is most often exposed to.

    Covers perform two main functions:

    - protection against falls and mechanical stress;
    - protection from dirt and moisture.

    Accordingly, if you constantly drop your phone or take it with you to nature, then you need the case to be strong enough and waterproof. If all that is needed is to protect the device from dirt, you can easily get by with a simple case made of fabric.

    What materials can the phone case be made of?

    Bulk phone case come from a variety of materials:

    Genuine leather covers:

    Such cases look very stylish and, if I may say so, status, however, their price is quite high. Leather is a fairly durable material, but it cannot protect against serious damage.

    knitted covers:

    Such products look pretty cute and cozy, but they are unlikely to provide protection against falls from a great height or water. Therefore, a knitted cover is suitable only for people who are neat;

    Fabric covers are very cheap

    However, it is natural that the fabric cover does not practically provide any protection against damage to the phone. In addition, the fabric tends to fade quite quickly, and the cover can change shape after the first wash;

      Plastic covers:

    Plastic is a very practical material, it is waterproof and protects against any contamination. However, plastic has one drawback. This material is rather fragile, so the case can be damaged if the mobile phone falls.

     Silicone covers:

    Silicone fits snugly to the phone and, due to its strength and elasticity, provides excellent protection from both falling and moisture and dust penetration into the electronic filling of the gadget. As a rule, on sale you can find special silicone bumpers for cell phones, which provide a fairly good level of protection both from moisture and from falling from a height.

    What types of bulk phone case are there?

    Bulk phone case manufacturers produce many varieties of mobile phone cases. Let's list the most common and demanded options:

    case . This case resembles a pocket in which you can put your mobile phone. This accessory is very convenient and practical, however, every time before making a call, you will have to remove, which not everyone likes. Such covers are quite inexpensive and are most often made of fairly dense materials;

    Cover book

    Such cases are the most popular, which is not surprising, because they are quite convenient to use. The flip cover consists of a base that holds a mobile phone and a flip top. Such a cover not only protects the device, but also allows you to quickly access your mobile phone;

    The wallet case is equipped with a clasp that will have to be opened every time before using the phone;

       Pouch. These covers are very simple: they are a small bag made of fabric, which is equipped with special ties. The likelihood that the case will protect the phone from all kinds of damage is extremely small;

     Wrist bulk phone case

    This option cannot be called everyday: covers that are attached to the hand are suitable for athletes or people with an active lifestyle, but not for those who spend most of their time in the office.

      The holster case attaches to the belt, so we can say that this option is suitable for the stronger sex. However, the holster cover is quite convenient, because it allows you to access the phone at any time.

     Phone cases come directly to your cell phone, so you don't have to take out the gadget before each call. Such cases protect the cell phone well from falling. However, they have one significant drawback. Since in most cases covers come of plastic. Moreover, they can slip out of your hands, which increases the risk of the mobile phone falling;


    The bumpers come of soft silicone, which makes it possible to provide a mobile phone with a fairly high-quality protection. The bumpers have holes for the camera and buttons.

    Different types of iPhone cases

    Bulk Phone cases 2021


    The design of iPhone smartphones is at its best.  We cannot take away this from Apple products. It would seem what a beauty bulk phone case is for? Alas, without a case, the phone is vulnerable to external influences: damage, scratches, and chips.

    Show me an iPhone owner who has never dropped it. There is no such. And while iPhones are made from durable materials (including a shockproof display), there are stronger materials (just kidding). In this case, in order to return the phone to its original appearance, you will have to buy an iPhone case , which is more expensive than purchasing a case.

    The protective function of the cover is its most important function. The second reason to buy a case is to personalize your phone. There are hundreds of different cases on the market. We will talk about them today.

    How to protect your iPhone?


    The easiest and cheapest way to protect your phone is to buy bulk phone case. It is a pocket-bag where the gadget is put. Some wear it around their neck with a string. Generally, we find it in leather material. It is easy to sew such a case yourself, and then the case will get a unique style. Almost does not protect against falls.

    Bumper phone case for iPhone

    Basically, it protects only the side edges and sometimes the rear side. Usually made of silicone and painted in bright colors. It is very popular because it has an optimal price / quality / appearance ratio.


    An analogue of an ordinary leather folder, only for the phone. Magnetic fasteners help get rid of bulging fasteners. Some cases have internal pockets for business cards, bank cards.

    Folding bed phone case

    Option of a cover with a folding top half. When closed, it completely covers the phone, except for camera slots, buttons, headphone jacks and charger.

    Smart Battery Case

    At the end of last year, Apple released an unusual accessory - a case with a built-in battery. Crafted from silicone, protects the case and virtually doubles your iPhone use.

    Sports version bulk phone case

    These bulk phone cases are good for those who are actively involved in physical education and sports. They have attachments for arms or legs. In the manufacture, moisture-resistant and durable materials are used.

    Extreme versions

    Variants of covers with increased protection against moisture, dirt, sand. Usually expensive and rarely on sale.


    Greetings from the 2000s. At one time it was fashionable to carry the phone on a belt in a leather holster. Owners of iPhones hardly use such cases.

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