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    Top 7 wireless mouse manufacturers in 2021: Pros & Cons


    Wireless or Optical: Which mice are best to buy?

    It is the beginning of the 20s of the XXI century; it would be time to give up the wires. If you are ready for this and are looking for the best wireless mouse manufacturers, then our rating is for you.

    Even if you use a laptop on a regular basis, you cannot do without a mouse. So the mouse, along with the keyboard, is the main working tool that we have not let go of our hands for many hours.

    1. Logitech M590 Multi- wireless mouse manufacturers

    wireless mouse manufacturers

    The beloved mouse from computer peripheral giant Logitech. It is not cheap, but for the money it offers rich functionality. It can be connected to a computer using a radio receiver for a USB port. Moreover, it is an alternative of a Bluetooth connection. This is more interesting, because with this connection the mouse becomes much more versatile.

    True, unpleasant small lags can be observed with it. The second peculiarity of the mouse is quiet keys, which indicates by the Silent prefix in the name. This means that you can work at night without fear of waking up your household with clicks.

    But for some reason, only the left and right buttons are quiet, but the wheel makes noise when pressed, as usual. Someone will not like the implementation of the side keys - they are rather small and not always easy to find.

    + Build quality
    + Quiet keys
    + Huge operating time on one AA-battery

    - The wheel is not so quiet
    - The side keys are inconvenient

    Apple Magic Mouse 2 Gray Bluetooth

    A very specific wireless mouse model straight from the world of Apple products. The mouse works with a PC, but it is still sharpened for a Mac. The optical mouse connects exclusively via Bluetooth. Thanks to its symmetrical shape, it is easy to use for both right-handers and left-handers.

    There are no buttons here - touch control. There is a built-in battery, and the battery life is rather long. The model has one unpleasant drawback, when you connect three or more USB drives to your Mac, the mouse starts to slow down a lot.

    + Apple is!
    + Perfect control on Mac

    - Very expensive
    - Brakes may be observed

    Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Mouse Black: wireless mouse manufacturers

    A compact and highly demanded solution from Microsoft wireless mouse manufacturers. The mouse has a symmetrical design, which means it will suit everyone. An optical mouse with a resolution of 1600 dpi works over a radio channel.

    It means that the connection here is at a stable level. Sculpt Mobile Mouse, in addition to high quality, is also distinguished by an additional Win key, which duplicates the functionality of the one on the keyboard. You can complain about the lack of side keys and plastic, which cannot be called pleasant to the touch.

    + Inexpensive
    + Very reliable

    - Someone won't have enough side keys

    What other wireless mouse manufacturers should you pay attention to?

    Razer Viper Ultimate

    If you are not averse to playing computer games, then you probably know the cult company Razer in the gaming environment. Although cyber athletes do not really like wireless mice, the Viper Ultimate is announced by the manufacturer as the flagship solution for gamers.

    To maintain this status and justify the gigantic price, it has backlighting, a scattering of buttons (8 pieces) and optical switches that should minimize latency. The Razer Viper Ultimate even comes with a charging station.

    However, maybe it would be easier to make a type C port in the mouse itself for wireless mouse manufacturers? But here it is, as it is. The model is very new and, unfortunately, is not devoid of childhood diseases. For example, there are breakdowns of the same charging, but someone was not lucky with the assembly - the right or left buttons are loose.

    + Flagship mouse from the world of gaming
    + Can be a decoration of a computer desk

    - Fantastic price
    - But the quality is so-so

    A4Tech Fstyler FG10: wireless mouse manufacturers

    A budget but nice wireless mouse from A4Tech. By the way, it is sold in four colors. There are no side keys, which, together with the symmetrical shape, make it possible to work comfortably with a mouse for both right-handers and left-handers.

    There is only one additional key here and it is responsible for switching the resolution from 1000 to 2000 dpi. But there is no indication of which mode is on, so you have to focus only on your feelings from work. On one AA-battery, the mouse can work up to a year with active use. The answer to endurance is simple - Fstyler FG10 is addressed to office workers.

    wireless mouse manufacturers 2021

    + Available
    + Three operating modes

    - Body materials are very budget friendly

    Logitech MX Vertical Ergonomic

    A mouse with an interesting name and no less interesting look. The thing is that this Logitech belongs to the type of vertical mice, which are famous for their comfortable ergonomics. Indeed, the strain on the wrist is reduced. But users complain about hand pain from being suspended. However, this is individual.

    Due to its anatomical features, the MX Vertical Ergonomic Mouse is only suitable for right-handed users. The mouse connects to the computer via a radio channel. The resolution of the optical sensor is already 4000 dpi. The battery is built-in with type C charging. In short, the device is not for everybody, but the wireless mouse manufacturers warranty is for two years.

    + Reduces stress on the wrist
    + The appearance will not leave anyone indifferent
    + Huge resolution

    - Expensive
    - Users complain of pain in the hand

    The HP Z3700 the Wireless Mouse: Best wireless mouse

    Hardly anyone will praise this mouse from HP for the shape of the case - it is too flat and is not very comfortable in an average hand. But it looks original, especially in white. Although quiet keys are not declared here, they sound really low.

    A wide scroll wheel can also be added to the merits. Finally, the mouse is compact and well suited for occasional use with a laptop. But the quality is not so hot - for many users it will not live up to the end of the warranty.

    + Beautiful
    + Quiet

    - Lots of marriage
    - The form is completely uncomfortable

    How to connect a wireless mouse?

    For the best wireless mice, there are actually two ways to connect to a computer or tablet. The first is over the air when a dongle is inserted into the USB port. The second assumes work via Bluetooth. The first, in my opinion, is preferable for a computer, because motherboards with a built-in "blue tooth" are still a rarity.

    And there are fewer lags in operation than Bluetooth mice are. But it is not more versatile and can work without a "dance with a tambourine" with a tablet or smartphone. And they have a much longer range of work.

    LED or laser mouse?

    Here the situation is exactly the same as with wired mice. The LED is cheaper, which is why it began to dominate. The main problem is that you need the most flat surface under the mouse for work. The laser positions the cursor much more accurately. But you have to pay with more cost and energy consumption.

    Always contact reliable wireless mouse manufacturers to buy mouse.

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