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    Wireless Mouse Suppliers: Top 10 Wireless Mouse of 2020


    Top 10 Wireless Mouse List by The Leading Wireless Mouse Suppliers

    Choosing a wireless mouse can be a bit challenging especially when the wireless mouse suppliers provide you with a wide variety of mouses every year. You will be surprised to manufacturers and developers upgrade the technology, features, and shape of the wireless mouse to a great extent.

    Therefore, whenever you are planning to purchase a wireless mouse, it is always better to check the top ten mouses of that particular year. In this article, we are going to talk about the top 10 wireless mice of 2020.

    So, without any further delay, let us get started!

    The Best Wireless Mouse Presented By Leading Wireless Mouse Suppliers

    Wireless Mouse Suppliers

    What Classifies the Mouse as the Best Mouse?

    To be honest there is no one best mouse for all use-cases. On the contrary, different use-case would consider a different type of mouse as the leading mouse. Some of these mouses are feature-rich and huge, whereas others are inexpensive and small.

    The type of mouse that you choose depends greatly upon your requirement and usage. For example, a graphic designer would require a mouse that would be different from that of an accountant. While assuming that the mouse that you would use is exclusively for productivity and you don’t plan to play games with it.

    So, here is a list of the top 10 mouses that 2020 has come up with. Each mouse has its own advantages and usage. You will be able to find a reliable mouse that would suit your needs to perfection.

    Logitech Mx Master 3

    When it comes to mouses of 2020, Logitech Mx Master 3 is the king of them all. It is the perfect mouse in terms of productivity. What more is that it offers the best wireless experience. It offers a wide variety of features, and the battery is amazing.

    The mouse can last long on a single charge. The new, compact, and sophisticated iteration of the Logitech’s MX master series is the gray, sleek peripheral. Whatever the company learned from their previous designs; they have incorporated that in their new mouse.

    Thanks to the horizontal thumbwheel, scrolling now is seamless and easy. It has a please grip and a button to satisfy your need for a click. The software of the Master 3 is another story. It comes preinstalled with a number of features that would ensure the seamless functionality of numerous software.

    Ranging from Excel to Photoshop, the MX Master allows you to create optimized profiles for every program. IT would predict how the scroll can benefit you while using different applications and programs.

    Logitech M235

    When it comes to looking for a budget-friendly mouse that offers features of a top-notch wireless mouse, you will not find a better one than a Logitech M235. The mouse is very portable as well as sleek. The beautiful, compact gadget is perfect for any laptop.

    Wireless Mouse Suppliers believe it to the best solutions for people who frequently travel or people who have limited desk space for their computers. What more is that the mouse provides a DPI which is high enough to ensure the correct shooting of your target, without actually scrolling across the screen.

    Its 2.4 GHz wireless dongle allows the usage of a mouse from almost anywhere. The great thing is that the mouse comes with 18 months of battery life. So, you should be hardly replacing the single peripheral AA battery.

    Logitech MX Vertical

    Logitech MX vertical comes with a unique ergonomic design. It is fairly difficult to describe the mouse, however, once you use the mouse, you will notice its feasibility. The robust and feature-rich software makes the use of this mouse extremely efficient.

    Another great thing about Logitech MX vertical is that it helps in reducing the wrist strain that users face due to the constant use of the regular shaped mouse. In addition to being an upscale Logitech goodness, the mouse also offers an adjustable DPI.

    It comes with premium quality can you can easily drag and drop files across two computers with a help of these amazing mouses.

    SteelSeries Rival 3 Wireless Mouse

    If you are looking for an affordable gaming mouse, you will not find a better one than the SteelSeries Rival 3 wireless mouse. The mouse is great and it has a great performance as well.

    The software is decent, and it comes packed with features that further add to the feasibility factor of this amazing wireless mouse. The mouse also comes with programmable RGB lighting.

    Although, it might not offer any feature, but it does add an aesthetic sense to your desk space. It is an excellent choice for productivity users. It is possible to customize different profiles for different applications.

    Apple Magic Mouse 2

    Being an Apple user, one is always looking out for something unique and classic. Apple Magic Mouse 2 is perhaps the best available in the market for your Mac. Although, it is slightly expensive in comparison to some of the other great mouses available on our list.

    But it does come with amazing and outstanding features. It works seamlessly with all Macs, and it offers gesture controls. What more is that the software offers a long battery life. Something, everyone wants for their day to day using a wireless mouse.

    Once you hook your Apple Magic 2 to your Mac, you will be able to navigate through websites, documents and applications effortlessly. However, if you don’t have Mac, buying this expensive mouse might not be a wise decision.

    Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless Mouse

    Razer Viper is the ultimate mouse for all the game lovers out there. Although, the mouse body is entire made out of plastic, yet it not only looks but feels like a premium quality mouse.

    The mouse offers extremely low click latency, it means that even the most competitive gamers will not be able to notice the delays. In addition, the performance is amazing with a wide range of CPI.

    The maximum polling rates make the cursor movements very smooth and efficient. The only drawback is that this amazing mouse isn’t compatible with Mac computers. Even if you connect it with your Mac, some of the buttons and features will be ineffective.

    Razer Atheris

    If you are a frequent traveler, finding the right mouse could be difficult. Razer Atheris is an excellent mouse as it smoothly slides even on your laptop bag as you are on the go. With the help of Razer Synapse 3 software, you can program all its 8 inputs as per your requirement.

    The mouse comes with two life-side buttons and an ambidextrous design. The click latency is also low; thus, the users don’t notice the delay in their daily use. The mouse is extremely compatible with a wide range of CPI.

    Even though the mouse is of compact size, yet it tends to weigh more. Majorly because of its AA batteries. However, these same batteries ensure a very long life for the mouse.

    Logitech G305 LightSpeed

    This is a great mouse that works well for both productivities as well as gaming. The great thing about the mouse is that it is extremely affordable while ensuring outstanding features.

    The mouse is compact and small, so it would fit any size laptop bag. The mouse comes with a disposable battery, this means you won’t be able to charge it. The mouse will be heavy as well. But for this case, you can easily take the battery out when you are on the go.

    In general, the battery of the Logitech G305 Lightspeed mouse lasts for about 250 hours.

    Razer Pro Click Wireless Mouse

    When it comes to having a mouse with a gorgeous design, no one can compete with the Razer Pro Click Wireless mouse. The sleek and compact design would fit your hand to perfection.

    The mouse comes with 8 buttons that offer a number of features. What more is that you can easily customize the buttons to fit your needs. The multi-host connectivity of the mouse further adds to the appeal of this amazing mouse.

    The click latency is also extremely low, it means that even when you use it rigorously, you will not feel the delay. Since it is possible to connect it to multiple devices at one time, thus it offers versatility beyond anyone’s imagination.

    Microsoft Surface Mouse

    Although the mouse offers versatility to the Microsoft Surface users, it offers pretty decent features to other computer owners as well. It has an elegant, ergonomic, and streamlined design. A great thing about this mouse is that its AAA batteries would last for about a year.

    You can customize the mouse switches and buttons as per your liking. The mouse also ships with a one-year warranty, something we all would like to have attached to our wireless mouses.

    Wireless Mouse Suppliers 2020

    Take Away on Wireless Mouse Suppliers

    These are some of the best wireless mouses that you can find in 2020.  By choosing us, Leading Plus, as your Wireless Mouse Suppliers, you can enjoy our customized mouses that offer top not features while ensuring affordability.

    We even offer the facility for you to customize your mouse features. To know more about our Services and Products, you can reach out to us today.

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