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    How UV baby bottle sterilizer can save your child from diseases?


    UV water sterilizer: why is it needed and how to use it?

    uv baby bottle sterilizer

    Every year more and more owners of summer cottages began to build artificial reservoirs of various shapes and sizes. And, of course, every pond owner is proud of his achievement and wants to see it beautiful and well-groomed. But this will take a lot of effort. Fortunately, today in stores you can find a fairly large number of special equipment. This special equipment has created directly to maintain cleanliness in artificial reservoirs. And one of these devices is an UV baby bottle sterilizer.

    Why do you need a UV sterilizer for baby water bottle?

    In water bodies which have created by nature, biological equilibrium form as a result of natural processes. And it controls the amount of those and other algae, microorganisms and bacteria.  In artificially created reservoirs, the situation is a little different.

    Moreover, in order to maintain the biological balance, it is necessary to create suitable conditions in it. Otherwise, pathogenic bacteria will begin to multiply, the water will bloom, acquire an unpleasant smell and appearance.

    That is why it is really important to install UV baby bottle sterilizer in water storing equipment. These sterilizers can effectively destroy various pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoa and algae.

    The structure and principle of operation of the UV sterilizer

    The ultraviolet pond water sterilizer is similar in structure and operation to the aquarium sterilizer. It consists of a housing that contains a UV-emitted lamp. For safety, the lamp has placed in a sealed flask. Under pressure, water enters the UV sterilizer.

    Here thanks to ultraviolet radiation which can destroy all unwanted microorganisms? After the water has purified, it returns back to the pond. This process takes place continuously and for the best effect the UV pond sterilizer must run continuously.

    The most important thing to remember when connecting a UV sterilizer is that it should have to install at the final stage of water purification.

    Benefits of using a UV baby bottle sterilizer:

    1 the use of a sterilizer excludes a possible overdose, as it may be in the case of the use of chemicals for disinfection;


    2 Sterilizers for ponds are simple and convenient to use and no special safety measures have required during their operation;

    3 they effectively destroy microorganisms harmful to the health of the inhabitants of the pond and at the same time are absolutely safe for all inhabitants of the reservoir;

    4 also sterilizers for a pond do not have any effect on beneficial bacteria, since they mainly find in the soil and roots of vegetation, on special filter sponges, and harmful microorganisms which locate directly in the aquatic environment;

    UV baby bottle sterilizer provides better water treatment

    Water after treatment with a UV baby bottle sterilizer does not change its taste and smell, so the inhabitants of the pond will not notice any changes in the habitat. Sterilizers are small in size; do not require careful maintenance and one can easily connect them to the filtration system.

    In the manufacture of either plastic or stainless steel, which provides reliable protection against sudden changes in temperature, moisture, mold and bacteria and ensures a long service life?

    Before buying a UV sterilizer, you need to decide what power it should be.

    This indicator mostly influences by:

    1 The volume of an artificial reservoir;

    2 whether a shadow falls on the surface of the water and how big it is;

    3 How many fish swim in the reservoir and how many plants have planted.

    How does an ultraviolet sterilizer work?

    Ultraviolet lamps actually have used to decontaminate medical instruments and premises (for example, operating rooms). Thus, the sterilizer kills 99.9% of known microbes, including cholera, giardia and other pathogens of dangerous diseases.

    I travel a lot in Asia where all kinds of contagion are ubiquitous. My experience of using UV baby bottle sterilizer is extremely positive. Because in two and a half years, neither I nor a single member of my group caught poisoning. Moreover, we did not catch intestinal infection from the water.

    There are other ways to get purified water. It has advantages over each of them.

    1. Mechanical filtration. The market is full of travel filters. However, they are rather bulky and heavy, filtration takes a lot of time and, often, makes water safe to use from mechanical impurities, but not disinfected.
    2. Chlorine dioxide tablets and drops. I once saw American kayakers using regular bleach to sterilize water. It perfectly disinfects water. However, it leaves an unpleasant smell and taste in the pool.
    3. An obvious proven method that requires cooking utensils and fuel. Either a fire and a pot, or a burner, gas or gasoline, and a saucepan. It takes some time.

    UV baby bottle sterilizer is compact (weighs about 300 grams with batteries), fast (disinfection of a liter of water takes a minute), does not leave an unpleasant aftertaste. Of the fundamental shortcomings, only the impossibility of filtering impurities can be noted.

    Therefore, it can only be used when the water is not concrete in color and looks drinkable. But you still won't drink brown water with stones, so this thing does not replace. But complements the mechanical filter in an excellent way. One does not work well without the other:

    • mechanical only cleans up impurities,
    • leaving the possibility of bacteria,
    • UV baby bottle sterilizerdisinfects, but does not work in dirty water with a pile of sand.

    How has the UV baby bottle sterilizer procedure performed?

    uv baby bottle sterilizer 2021
    If it is necessary to clean the room, then they simply turn on the ultraviolet light. The light has directed to different surfaces, destroying bacteria and germs. In cosmetology, UV radiation is essential to prepare various instruments that have to be used with patients.


    To carry out cleaning, use specialized cabinets and chambers. After the instruments have immersed in the chambers, the users turn on the ultraviolet light. Once microbes and bacteria have killed, the instrument has to completely clean.

    Manufacturers produce disinfecting equipment specifically for beauty salons and cosmetology clinics. They are ideal for cleaning tasks in salons. To sterilize the instrument in cosmetology, cabinets equipped with bactericidal lamps have used. Doors and dampers in such devices are tinted to prevent radiation exposure of personnel.

    UV sterilizer features

    - small in size;
    - provides high processing speed;
    - completely safe;
    - allows you to work with objects of any shape;
    - does not spoil the instrument.

    In cosmetology, even a manicure tool, which customers constantly use here, is subject to UV sterilization. Saloons owners can do UV cleaning of manicure instruments in just 20 minutes. At the same time, the equipment will not spoil tools made of steel, wood or plastic.

    Equipment efficiency of UV baby bottle sterilizer

    UV baby bottle sterilizer can kill almost all harmful bacteria, but there are microorganisms that are resistant to UV radiation. Particularly important instruments that have to use for cosmetic operations are additionally subjected to thermal effects. The last bacteria die under the influence of high temperatures.

    The tool has usually subjected to two or three types of processing at the same time to completely eliminate the possibility of infection. Such precautions rule out any trouble. The risk of getting infections in a reliable clinic is practically zero.

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