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    5 Most Effective Uv Baby Bottle Sterilizer Methods in 2021


    Electric sterilizer

    Uv Baby Bottle Sterilizer

    Uv Baby Bottle Sterilizer simplifies the sterilization of bottles and teats by automating most of the process. Like microwave sterilization, they use steam to kill microorganisms but produce it by means of a resistance. Its use is really simple:

    • Insert the baby's bottlesand clean teats into the unit and then add clean water according to the manufacturer's instructions.
    • Turn on the unit, which will begin to carry out the correct sterilization in complete autonomy.
    • Once sterilization is complete, the appliance usually switches off by itself.
    • Check the manufacturer's instructions to find out how long sterilized items are easy to leave in the unopened unit before needing to be re-sterilized.

    Benefits of Uv Baby Bottle Sterilizer

    Uv Baby Bottle Sterilizer is a very simple sterilization method and can be more effective than boiling or microwave sterilization because there is a lower risk of making mistakes. It does not degrade bottles and teats as quickly as boiling.

    Once sterilized, the bottle we must handle the bottle with due care before coming into contact with the mouth and the baby. Here are 5 effective and safe methods and practical tips to avoid contamination.

    2. Microwave vs Uv Baby Bottle Sterilizer

    This method involves the use of special containers or bags that allow you to put the disassembled bottle in the microwave and sterilize it in a few minutes. Of course, before you even start, you need to make sure your oven is perfectly clean.

    If you do not have an ad hoc container, it is possible to proceed with Uv Baby Bottle Sterilizer by filling the bottle with water and placing it inside the microwave in an upright position.

    The other smaller parts (teats and ferrules) are easy to store in a container filled with water until covered. The sterilization of the bottle with this method must last a total of 1 minute and a half at maximum power.

    3. Dishwasher sterilization process

    In addition to the microwave, the dishwasher is also a very effective appliance for making the baby's bottle safe and sterile. In some manuals, you will even find step-by-step instructions for doing this with the dishwasher.

    If not, you will need to set the wash temperature to 90 degrees and complete the cycle with final Uv Baby Bottle Sterilizer.

    5. Electrical Uv Baby Bottle Sterilizer devices

    There are many models of electric sterilizers on the market that represent an alternative to the remedies described so far.

    The time that these devices take to perform sterilization varies between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on whether the principle common is thermal or ultraviolet rays. Each model varies in weight, capacity and size, with prices generally ranging from 30 euros upwards.

    Why Uv Baby Bottle Sterilizer is important?

    The sterilization of the objects of use common is very important, although it must not become an ' obsession. Infants fed with baby bottles or have the ' habit of pacifier should always have them cleaned and disinfected and now we see what the methods to be able to do are and how to proceed properly to ensure proper hygiene.

    When should pacifiers and bottles be sterilized? Every time you use it or not? In general, in every home there is not a single product, but every mother has some in stock. To save time and energy, you can therefore use Uv Baby Bottle Sterilizer.

    Do it at every feeding would be a stress not indifferent and we can do easily at least. For example, you can sterilize everything that is soiled in the evening, in order to have everything ready for the next day.

    For how long you should sterilize baby bottle?

    How long? Here the opinions are different. If the baby is breastfed artificially, typically pediatricians recommend the sterilization at least the first six months of life.

    Uv Baby Bottle Sterilizer 2021

    Others, on the other hand, recommend it for the entire first year: after 12 months, the immune system of children is stronger and therefore it is also possible not to sterilize the objects they use.

    What are the methods for sterilizing pacifiers and bottles? You can use the ' water, the sterilizer’s electric, the oven with microwave, the system in cold or dishwasher. Let's see them in detail.

    How does Uv Baby Bottle Sterilizer work?

    It is probably the most common sterilization system by mothers. Electric Uv Baby Bottle Sterilizer is appliances, usually with several compartments. Plugged into a power outlet, they do everything by themselves in about half an hour, even if the times may be different depending on the product.

    There are many variations on the market: the functions are roughly the same, what changes are above all the dimensions.

    Is it good to use microwave sterilization?

    Also in this case sterilization takes place thanks to steam. Compared to electric ones, these products are smaller because they have to be placed inside the home microwave oven. Take a look at this model  An advantage is certainly that of speed: ten minutes are enough to sterilize pacifiers and bottles.

    If you are wondering how to Uv Baby Bottle Sterilizer bottles and teats in the best way, it is good to know that there are basically four methods. You can treat them with a disinfectant that is also capable of sterilizing them or you can heat them. Here are the instructions on how to proceed.

    1. Boiling water

    Boiling is the simplest method of sterilizing with heat. To sterilize baby bottles and teats with boiling water, follow these steps:

    • Check that bottles, teats and anything else you want to sterilize can be boiled safely.
    • Put all the items you need to sterilize in a large pot.
    • Fill the pot with water until all items are completely submerged. You also need to make sure there are no air bubbles inside the bottles or teats.
    • Bring the water to a boil.
    • Boil the water for 10 minutes.
    • Leave the items in the pot until you are ready to fill them. You can also store them in a sterilized container in the refrigerator. When removing bottles and teats, make sure the water has cooled enough not to burn you.
    • Repeat this process if you don't use bottles and teats within 24 hours of boiling

    Benefits of using modern Uv Baby Bottle Sterilizer

    It is the cheapest method of Uv Baby Bottle Sterilizer and no specialized equipment is required to use this method of sterilization.


    Teats and all rubber parts tend to deteriorate faster with this sterilization method. There is also a risk of getting burned with boiling water.

    2. Chemicals for cold sterilization

    These products work by disinfecting bottle equipment. A wide range of sterilizing chemicals is available. Some are ready-made liquids, others are soluble powders and still others are offered in the form of effervescent tablets. The active agent varies but many products rely on diluted sodium hypochlorite

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