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    Top UV c sterilizer box manufacturer in 2021


    A fraction of the UV c sterilizer box manufacturer that is invisible to our eyes can inactivate viruses and bacteria, including the coronavirus. Come understand better!

    The search for alternatives that could help fight the propagation of the coronavirus brought up sterilization with ultraviolet (UV) light. Contrary to what many people think, this is a technology used for over a century to sterilize hospitals, offices, planes and even water.

    The technology proved to be efficient in combating SARS and that is why its use also became one of the front lines against Covid-19.

    UV c sterilizer box manufacturer

    The Scientific Reports published a study demonstrating the efficacy of UVC light to the elimination of coronavirus 99.9% after a time of 25 minutes exposure. To understand how this happens, we first need to bring up some concepts.

    What are UV c sterilizer box manufacturer?

    UV c sterilizer box manufacturer are waves invisible to human eyes due to their short length. These are in the order of nanometers. It is important to consider that there is an inverse relationship between wavelength and energy capacity. Therefore, the shorter the wavelength, the more energetic the radiation, and consequently the more harmful will be.

    UV waves mark the beginning of a region called the Ionizing region of the electromagnetic spectrum. This means that waves with a length equal to or less than UV could damage the DNA molecules of our cells. It links to the emergence of diseases like cancer.

    Categories of the UV c sterilizer box manufacturer

    UV rays are emitted by the sun and subdivided into three categories based on their wavelength. These are: UVA, UVB and UVC. UVA radiation is very abundant and represents more than 95% of the total solar ultraviolet radiation that reaches us here on the planet's surface.

    causing everything from a momentary tan to premature aging of the epidermis cells, but it is also the least harmful and least energetic.

    UV c sterilizer box manufacturer is giving better protection

    UV c sterilizer box manufacturer mostly make it professionally. and it is the radiation that manages to overcome this harmful barrier to the human body. This type of radiation is more intense during the summer due to the high temperatures between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.

    It is capable of superficially penetrating the skin and is responsible for sunburn. The last and most harmful are UVC rays, known for their germicidal action. Rays of this type are 200 to 300 nanometers in length, and totally absorb by oxygen and ozone from the atmosphere.

    How to protect natural environment from rays?

    Therefore, in a natural environment this radiation does not reach us. It is very good as it is the most dangerous and harmful to our health. UV c sterilizer box manufacturer of radiation has a special power. It is to destroy not only the RNA of viruses and other microorganisms, but also the DNA, causing their inactivation.

    The effectiveness of UVC rays in inactivating the coronavirus will depend on the distance between the emitter and the surface to sterilize, the emitter power and the exposure time.

    How to use UVC rays for decontamination?

    The current pandemic has brought about a great shortage of this personal protective equipment. They reduce bureaucracy in access, several companies have contributed to the creation of germicidal lamps. But, it is important to remember that its use requires a lot of attention and care, as it is an extremely harmful radiation to human health.

    When purchasing any type of product for this purpose, it is necessary to pay attention to the recommendations for use. It is good for an effective decontamination that does not put your health at risk. These are not decorative lamps. They emit, even at lower doses UV c sterilizer box manufacturer, they should not be common in the presence of humans, animals or plants.

    Don't forget that care with the use of masks

    Using UVC technology, it is possible to guarantee the sterilization of any type of environment. This includes objects, if the light reaches the surface. But, don't forget that care with the use of masks and 70% alcohol must continue.

    UVC radiation has gained increasing popularity as an alternative against viruses and bacteria. This happens a lot because of the new Coronavirus pandemic. Similarly, it has stimulated society to discover new solutions against Covid-19.

    UV c sterilizer box manufacturer 2021

    Hygiene procedures and sterilization of environments

    However, the knowledge about the uses of UV c sterilizer box manufacturer goes back centuries ago. It was already used in hygiene procedures and sterilization of environments for some time.

    However, interest in the effects of sunlight on human skin and microorganisms only emerged in the early nineteenth century. In 1814, the German physicist Fraunhofer mapped around 500 light frequency bands.

    Understand the effects of the ultraviolet

    After that, several scientists published articles that, directly or indirectly, helped humanity to understand the effects of the ultraviolet.  Scientists such as Fizeau and Foucault have developed studies with carbon arc lamps. They report eye irritation, an indication of the presence of UV light.

    The first more direct study of the effect on microorganisms carried out by scientists Arthur Downes and Thomas Blunt in 1877. They found that bacteria was weak when exposed to sunlight.  Later, scientists realized that frequencies corresponding to blue and violet were more effective in this process.

    More research was done with various applications

    From there, more research was done with various applications. It was increasingly important that UV c sterilizer box manufacturer had germicidal action. Institutions and health agencies increasingly recommended the use of radiation, taking the necessary precautions.

    In 1999, the World Health Organization (WHO) released a guide with guidelines for using UVC to control the spread of tuberculosis.

    Later, in 2003, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) formally sanctioned the use of UVC in US hospitals.

    Recommendations from WHO

    From then on, the use of lamps that emit type C ultraviolet radiation have validation by reference health agencies.

    For all these cases, WHO recommends that there is no human presence during the use of the equipment. That's because ultraviolet radiation can cause eye irritation and skin allergies.

    To solve this problem, most equipment allows remote activation to ensure people's safety.

    To avoid all the risks involved in the use of UV c sterilizer box manufacturer for disinfecting environments, it is also important to have the support of professionals and experts in the field in the use of technology.

    Conclusion UV c sterilizer box manufacturer

    This is for the decontamination effect to occur. Moreover, it is necessary that the lamps remain on for a specific amount of time. The calculation for this depends on some variables, such as:

    • the dimensions of the environment
    • the power of the lamps
    • and the level of shading in the place.
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