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    How can UV C Sterilizer Box save you from Covid-19?


    How can UV C Sterilizer Box save you from Covid-19? (China Best Ultraviolet Sterilizer 2020)

    UV C Sterilizer Box

    The uv c sterilizer box has become vital due to the coronavirus. Similarly, it also implies on us to keep things safe whenever we return home, after a trip to the supermarket, or when returning from work. They are taking off their shoes, changing clothes, washing their hands and disinfecting all the objects we transport. Including cell phone, glasses, watches, jewelry and keys!

    For gadgets, a small uv c sterilizer box is the solution!


    UV sterilization box kills the new coronavirus

    For the process of disinfecting small objects there is a device that can help. This equipment ensures the sterilization of pocket items, such as mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players, flash drives, airpods, watches, small toys, children's chubs, glasses, keys, masks, among others.

    It is 20 cm and weighs only 300 g. After a full charge, it allows 50 cycles of 99.99% of bacteria to be eliminated from all exposed surfaces. No need to use liquids, heat or corrosive chemicals.

    UVC-LED lighting can kill coronavirus

    This solution is particularly interesting for cleaning and disinfecting the grooves. But also the small connection ports, which are quite difficult to clean on smartphones and which, in this way, are absolutely sterile.

    The uv c sterilizer box-LED light available in the sterilization box can reach the microorganisms. Basically these are hidden in the crevices where the disinfectant wipes cannot reach so effectively.

    UV sterilization box kills the new coronavirus

    UVC-LED ultraviolet light is germicidal and has a wavelength between 275 and 280 nanometers. It has been shown to kill bacteria as efficiently as scrubbing surfaces with soap and water.

    There is also evidence that UVC-LED lighting can kill the new coronavirus. Hence, it is obviously related to COVID-19.

    Types of uv c sterilizer box

    To summarize, there are only two of them:

    • closed, in which there is a lid;
    • handheld portable, often like a "wand" (almost magic).

    Both types are convenient to use both at home and in the office, on a business trip or travel. Moreover, modern models are lightweight and compact. They won't take up much space.

    How to choose a uv c sterilizer box for a smartphone?

    uv c sterilizer box with built-in lamps have proven their effectiveness. 5-10 minutes of sterilization without your participation (put the device inside and forget) - and the surface is clean. Prefer this option if you do not want to participate in the sterilization process and if the charging functions is important to you. Just make sure the model you choose supports it.

    However, in a closed sterilizer, you cannot disinfect a soft toy or, say, a laptop keyboard. This requires a portable sterilizer. In this regard, this model is more universal.

    When choosing a device, pay attention to the life of the UV lamps. This is usually 10,000 hours, after which they must be replaced. Components sold separately.

    UV C Sterilizer Box suppliers

    If you need a device that you plan to take with you on trips, the capacity of the built-in battery is also important. Typically, 2,000 mAh is sufficient for 150 minutes of autonomous disinfection. You can charge the uv c sterilizer box micro USB from a network adapter for a smartphone, laptop or UMB. Some models are battery operated.

    As for the case material, it can be plastic or steel. The first is cheaper. PVC plastic has worked well. It is practical and does not deform.

    Guarding health: What else is important?

    Train yourself not to share your smartphone unnecessarily. Especially with persons with obvious signs of SARS. Of course, this rule also works in the opposite direction - do not pick up other people's devices for communication.

    In addition, it is advisable to minimize the use of the device in public transport and in other places where people gather, in pharmacies or supermarkets, for example. By the way, from there you can bring a lot of "comrades" with whom it is better not to get acquainted, not only SARS-CoV-2, which made so much noise. Back home, it is important to disinfect your shoes and outerwear after being outdoors. And don't forget about thorough cleaning of the house.

    It is recommended to wipe all the dirtiest objects and places in the house with alcohol-containing solutions. Not only doorknobs and faucet handles, switches, but also a computer mouse, keyboard, tablet and smartphone. At least once a day. You can use uv c sterilizer box for this too. 

    And don't take your smartphone with you to the bathroom. It's not even that you risk redeeming it. Pathogenic microorganisms live freely in space, not only on the skin of the hands. And even if you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, the device will be contaminated with at least E. coli or salmonella. They will live on the screen - a wonderful warm place that you regularly touch with your hands and cheek during a conversation - for several days, multiply, enter the body and do everything to stay in it.

    Popular questions and answers about uv c sterilizer box

    How to check the efficiency of the sterilizer?

    It is impossible to verify this without laboratory tests. The cost of a professional luminometer for measuring the level of bacteria is several times more than a sanitizer.

    We recommend choosing a model from a trusted manufacturer, reading the instructions and following it. And we remind you of the importance of regular hand washing with soap and water. If the smartphone is clean, but there is no hand, then the risk of getting acquainted with some hostile microorganism against you is great. And all these manipulations with sterilizing the device will be ineffective.

    Which is better: wipe your smartphone with an alcohol-based antibacterial wipe or purchase a uv c sterilizer box?

    One does not exclude the other. We recommend that you wipe the gadget with an antiseptic cloth from time to time. Dust accumulating on surfaces is a springboard for the development of various microorganisms. Viruses live in it for up to five weeks. After mechanical cleaning, you can use a uv c sterilizer box. Research by Pat Kopp's lab confirms the efficiency of this two-step cleaning.

    If you are using only alcohol wipes, then wipe your smartphone with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove excess moisture.

    Can ultraviolet radiation damage a smartphone screen?

    No, we have not heard of such cases.

    What type of uv c sterilizer box should you choose?

    If you do not want to hold the portable stick sterilizer (even the 20 seconds that the manufacturers ask for), prefer the closed type. I put the device in the case, closed it, he cleaned it in 5-10 minutes, after which you can take out your smartphone and use it. Either charge the battery in it or use it as a carrier. Could be so.

    UV C Sterilizer Box manufacturers

    Just make sure before buying that this is not just a blue light, but a really UV lamp. The unexpectedly low price should be alarming.

    How to disinfect a smartphone is clear. What about housing?

    To keep yourself and your family safe in a pandemic, it's also important to disinfect your home and breathe clean air. A uv c sterilizer box will help out, eliminating bacteria, viruses and harmful compounds, oxidizing and decomposing them to a safe state: carbon dioxide and water.

    If there are patients in the house, quartzing and UV irradiation of the room is desirable. In the presence of people, an infrared lamp is used to disinfect the air.

    Conventional end-to-end ventilation in combination with wet cleaning works well. Carbon dioxide released during exhalation is one and a half times heavier than atmospheric air. It builds up in an unventilated area and makes breathing hard, so ventilate.

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