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    What is Uv Disinfection Sterilizer Box Sterilizer? Best Guide 2022


    UV disinfection sterilizer box sterilizer 600ml with UVC kindles for disinfection objects (smartphones) and instruments from bacteria and viruses for daily use. Nowadays, we are often confronted with various bacterial and viral treats that it is good to protect ourselves from.

    UV disinfection box provides maximum disinfection

    In our daily life, we use objects (mobile phone, keys, bank cards, etc.) during the day, which can often harbor bacteria and must be completely removed. To do this, we offer a UV disinfection box that provides maximum disinfection of inserted objects within a few minutes.

    Portable UV sterilization box eliminates up to 99 % of bacteria and viruses

    Phone uv disinfection sterilizer box sterilizer

    UV radiation provides complete sterilization while being safe and environmentally friendly. There is enough space inside the 600ml box to put a wide variety of things in it, so that it can disinfect your cell phone, tools, respirator, protective mask, toothbrush, jewelry, lipstick, keys, etc. from bacteria and viruses.

    The use of UV box is versatile and therefore finds its application in every home, office, hotel, travel and the like.

    Uv Disinfection Sterilizer Box Sterilizer

    UV disinfection box: a complete sterilization

    On inserted items, up to 99.99% of bacteria are destroyed in one use. The uv disinfection sterilizer box sterilizer ensures complete sealing and sterilization of the environment from dust, preventing any contamination of the inserted object.

    Sterilization box for disinfection

    Do you know how many known types of viruses there are? Protect your health and the health of your loved ones in an effective way.

    Disinfection of any item from viruses and bacteria

    You can put any item in the UVC box for disinfection. Inside is a USB port for charging devices (mobile phones, smart watches, etc.) while disinfecting them.

    Disinfection of mobile phones from viruses and bacteria

    Disinfection has never been easier than with our uv disinfection sterilizer box sterilizer. Just place the item in the box, close the lid and press one button to start disinfection within 30 minutes. The box is equipped with up to 20 UVC LEDs on the bottom and top for maximum efficiency.

    UVC sterilization box for mobile phones

    What is UV-C radiation?

    Ultraviolet radiation is one of three types of ultraviolet radiation whose wavelength causes damage to the cell membrane, destroys the DNA of viruses and bacteria, and destroys them. This germicidal radiation has disinfectant properties.

    Benefits of germicidal light in healthcare

    It has ultraviolet light, it is able to disinfect all surfaces it comes into contact with, and in the case of various tissues, it penetrates directly into them without damaging them. uv disinfection sterilizer box sterilizer germicidal light is not a new technology, but has been common for many years, mainly in healthcare.

    Sterilizing UV lamps were mainly common for disinfecting operating rooms, but we could also see them in various surgeries or waiting rooms.

    Ultraviolet lamps with a special bactericidal effect

    Ultraviolet bactericidal lamps are common for quartzization (disinfection) of water, air or surfaces. The ultraviolet lamp is a low-pressure lamp with a source of special bactericidal radiation. This leads to the mortality of bacteria and microorganisms up to 99% during exposure from a few seconds to a couple of minutes.

    The main advantage of low-pressure mercury lamps is that more than 60% of the radiation falls on the line with a wavelength of 254 nm, which lies in the spectral region of maximum bactericidal action. Mercury uv disinfection sterilizer box sterilizer lamps are common in bactericidal lamps, irradiators, recirculates, installations intended for direct and closed irradiation.

    UV lamp blocks radiation

    The glass composition of the UV lamp blocks radiation from a wavelength of 185 nm, this prevents the formation of ozone during lamp operation.
    For safety reasons, at the time of decontamination of the room (when the irradiator is open), it is not recommended to be in the irradiation zone.


    Areas of application for water disinfection:

    • swimming pools;
    • water purification systems;
    • disinfection of drinking water;
    • sources of water supply;

    UV disinfection sterilizer box sterilizer application areas:

    • hospitals;
    • office rooms;
    • food industry;
    • places where animals are kept;
    • ventilation ducts;

    Areas of application for surface disinfection:

    • sterilization of packages in the pharmaceutical industry;
    • sterilization of medical instruments;
    • food industry;
    • disinfection of aseptic areas of equipment;

    UV disinfection sterilizer box sterilizer is environmentally friendly

    A leader in sterilization and disinfection, not only overcoming traditional hot water sterilization and limiting sun exposure time; And ultraviolet lamp beads · no mercury, no damage, transportation and carrying.

    Sterilization only takes 5 minutes, safe and reliable. * In accordance with the detection authority of the ultraviolet multifunctional disinfection box against e. The degree of sterilization of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus is more than 99%.

    360-degree sterilization without dead corner

    UVC lamps are common in the multifunctional sterilization box. Inside the box, the principle of specular radiation is common, reflecting ultraviolet radiation at 360 degrees. The uv disinfection sterilizer box sterilizer has no dead angle for sterilizing items, and the sterilizing effect is completer and more thorough. The service life of the UV lamp bulb is up to 10,000 hours.

    Safe, non-toxic, sterilized, efficient and quality life

    UV disinfection technology has higher sterilization efficiency, safe and reliable, will not cause secondary pollution to the environment, your family and children, and bring more safety to life.

    Advantages of UV sterilizer compared to steam:

    Arguably, the most important benefit of UV sterilization is that it is non-toxic. Unlike the harsh chemicals sometimes common in cleaning and sanitizing products, uv disinfection sterilizer box sterilizer is environmentally friendly. UV sterilization is a physical process, not a chemical one.

    UV sterilization is safe for use on food as well as food preparation services and non-food items. Although people can be harmed by excessive UV exposure, proper protection makes sterilization safe and non-toxic for the restaurant, hospitality and medical industries.
    Uv Disinfection Sterilizer Box Sterilizer 2022

    Sterilization method much more effective than other methods

    The next major benefit of UV sterilization is that this sterilization method can be much more effective than other methods. UV rays destroy a wide range of harmful organisms.

    For example, did you know that UV rays kill mold and spores? Other sterilization methods may not - or they may leave a humid environment where fungi can grow. Since uv disinfection sterilizer box sterilizer is a dry method, you can be sure that it will treat existing mold and prevent future mold growth.

    A huge plus for hospitals and assisted living facilities

    If you've been following the news about antibiotic-resistant bacteria, you know that the use of some traditional antibacterial and disinfectants has had serious consequences. The development of antibiotic-resistant bacteria is an important issue in the medical community.

    Unlike traditional sterilization methods, UV sterilization is a physical method to kill bacteria. Therefore, the bacteria in question cannot build immunity to it. That's a huge plus, especially for hospitals and assisted living facilities.

    Ready to sterilize when needed

    The next benefit of uv disinfection sterilizer box sterilizer is that the technologies we have created can stay in place in guest rooms, ready to be common when needed. The good news is that you can install our device and then let it do the work on its own.

    Whether you want to be able to disinfect a room any time it's empty or on a set cycle overnight, can help you get work done you don't even need to be there.

    UV sterilization is a cheap sterilization method

    You may be surprised to learn that UV sterilization is a reasonable sterilization method. Sometimes people assume it's expensive because it uses technology instead of chemicals, but it's not.

    Conclusion uv disinfection sterilizer box sterilizer

    A one-time investment in uv disinfection sterilizer box sterilizer can save you time and money for years as the unique nature of our lenses means you won't have to pay for maintenance. It has the same labor costs associated with time as the other methods.

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