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    Which is the best method to use UV light sterilize box in homes?


    The pandemic has multiplied the demand for things that were common mainly by doctors until 2021. Now everyone is wearing masks and gloves, and antiseptic dispensers are on every corner. Many people are thinking about buying a household UV light sterilize box that kill germs and viruses. But in order to use it correctly, you need to understand how the devices work and how to choose the right one.

    What is ultraviolet from UV light sterilize box?

    Ultraviolet radiation is electromagnetic waves that occupy the spectrum between visible light and X-rays. Radiation got its name from the Latin words ultra - "for", and violet - "violet". Literally: located beyond the violet portion of the visible spectrum rainbow.

    The "hard" variety, shortwave UV-C, absorb by the atmosphere. But people have learned to create boxes and devices that generate ultraviolet radiation of any wavelength for disinfection.
    UV sterilizer box

    How UV Sterilization Works

    The cells of all living organisms, including bacteria and viruses, are based on DNA and RNA macromolecules, which store and transmit hereditary information. These molecules actively absorb ultraviolet radiation emitted from UV light sterilize box with a wavelength of 200-300 nm, which leads to defects. The damaged DNA can no longer function properly - and the cell dies.

    In order for ultraviolet radiation to be guaranteed to kill microorganisms, it is necessary that it gets on them, and not on some other object. Therefore, when ultraviolet is common for disinfection, they act in several steps. When water purifies, it comes to circulate under the rays of ultraviolet boxes so that potential disease-causing bacteria receive more than one dose.

    How UV sterilization differs from other disinfection methods?

    Quartz UV light sterilize box and UV disinfection have been with us for over a century. This is one of the simplest methods of disinfection; it does not require a lot of labor or technical knowledge. Chlorine disinfection is associated with the presence of a toxic substance, and then this substance leaves traces. High temperature disinfection is energy intensive and not suitable for electronics.

    When it comes to water, UV sterilization is 20,000 times more efficient and cheaper, according to WHO estimates. There are also disadvantages. Chlorine treatment leaves liquids and surfaces resistant to re-infection for a while, but this does not work with ultraviolet light. Dust on the box or particles in the environment can block the radiation.

    What is a household UV light sterilize box?

    For UV disinfection, mercury, xenon or LED boxes are commonly common. Household sterilizers are devices with built-in UV light sterilize box, which consumers use to clean gadgets, household appliances, household items, liquids and food. Tourists use such devices, wanting to protect themselves from infection when they drink water from natural sources. There are two popular form factors for household sterilizers:

    Most often, ultraviolet LEDs are common in household sterilizers. They are safe, do not contain harmful substances, are energy efficient and do not heat up. As a rule, sterilizers are portable and powered by built-in batteries. Therefore, many manufacturers went further and added a powerbank function.

    How to use household sterilizers correctly?

    Never shine an ultraviolet box in the eyes of yourself, other people or animals. Moreover, it is dangerous for eyesight and skin. Do not use UV light sterilize box to clean yourself, children, or pets. Ultraviolet radiation does not choose what to act on. In the same way that ultraviolet light breaks down the DNA of bacteria, it breaks down polymers. Similarly, plastic deteriorates - it cracks, fades, disintegrates.

    Under the rays, dyes and pigments fade, including in fabrics. Materials that gets label UV resistant have been tested for exposure to the long wavelength spectrum, not the short wavelength, UV-C. However, you can expose household items to UV light. Furthermore, wear and tear from short term treatments will be minimal.

    How much time is required for this process?

    Successful flashlight disinfection takes 40 seconds - enough to destroy up to 100% of microorganisms on the surface from UV light sterilize box. In addition, it may take up to one and a half minutes per liter to process the water, but the success of the procedure depends on the clarity of the water.

    That is, if you want to disinfect water from a natural source, first clean it of debris, and then disinfects it. Be sure to read the instructions for the device before use. Observe precautions and be sure to adhere to the processing times for things and products specified in the instructions.

    How to choose a quality UV light sterilize box?

    The effectiveness of UV disinfection depends on how long the box is emitting light. LEDs emit light in the range of 255-280 nm. The peak efficiency is in the range of 220–250 nm.

    UV sterilizer box 2021

    Unfortunately, manufacturers of household sterilizers do not always indicate the characteristics of boxes. Therefore, pay attention to the LED resource in hours: the more it is, the longer the sterilizer will last.

    If you take a UV light sterilize box, pay attention to how tightly it closes and how many LEDs it contains. The bigger, the better. Remember that bacteria that are exposed to ultraviolet light are killed. That is, objects of complex shape, such as headphones or key rings, are difficult to handle properly, since they have enough bends and secluded places where light does not reach.

    How ultraviolet light from UV light sterilize box destroys bacteria?

    Ultraviolet light penetrates the DNA structure of viruses, yeast and other pathogenic bacteria, thus destroying them from the inside. In fact, the work of a germicidal box for the home boils down to directly cleaning the air space and surfaces from various kinds of harmful microorganisms in the room in which you are.


    The germicidal UV light sterilize box for the home is a low pressure gas discharge box, the radiation of which optimizes for maximum disinfecting effect. Different models have different indicators of the wavelength of the emitted waves, the degree of radiation intensity, etc. Furthermore, consider the main types of home varieties of such devices.

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