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    UV light Sterilizer Box Manufacturer: 6 Proven Facts


    Which medical sterilizer do you need?

    Sterilization of instruments and other medical products is a fundamental principle for the prevention of nosocomial infections and complications after surgical interventions, medical and diagnostic procedures. UV light sterilizer box manufacturer is much important.

    Also, with the help of sterilizers, decontamination of sutures and dressings, laboratory glassware, technical containers is carried out.

    What is the basic principle of UV light sterilizer box operation?

    The basic principle of operation of classic sterilizers is thermal. It appeared in antiquity - ancient Roman doctors heated instruments on a fire before performing surgical operations. There is evidence that the thermal disinfection of instruments appeared in China and in pre-Columbian America.

    UV light Sterilizer Box Manufacturer

    In the middle ages, asepsis forgot, which led to an unprecedented spread of purulent infections after treatment. This continued until, in 1679, the Frenchman Denis Papin invented the autoclave. Heating objects and substances to temperatures from + 50 ° to + 200 ° C allows at different times to destroy all microscopic fauna and flora on their surface and inside:

    • ixodid ticks invisible to the eye;
    • eggs and larvae of parasitic worms and arthropods;
    • mushrooms and their spores;
    • protozoa, bacteria and their spores;
    • viruses and prions

    Dry and wet uv light sterilizer box methods

    Thermal sterilizers are divided into autoclaves and dry ovens. In autoclaves, heated water vapor under pressure above atmospheric is common as a uv light sterilizer box manufacturer. Similarly, in dry ovens, there is simply exposure to hot air.  In addition, many sensitive materials and instruments, especially those common in microsurgery, cannot withstand such temperatures.

    Do not heat above + 120 ° C rubber parts that are part of many medical devices and instruments. All this makes the use of dry ovens limited. Moreover, their plus in comparison with an autoclave is that there is no need to have a water source nearby.

    Autoclave in the service of medicine

    Autoclaving is still the most common sterilization method, suitable for most medical instruments and materials. The steam pressure in the autoclave chamber comes from 0.5 to 4 atmospheres and the temperature is from + 120 ° C to + 134 ° C. The standard autoclaving mode assumes that the instrument is at a temperature of 132 ° C and a pressure of 2 atmospheres for 3.5 minutes.

    If necessary, it is guaranteed to kill spores of fungi and bacteria with uv light sterilizer box manufacturer, the cycle lasts 30 minutes. The most "hot" is the anti-prion treatment - studies have shown that in order to guarantee the destruction of these still poorly studied infectious agents, exposure to steam at 4 atmospheres and + 134 ° C for 30 minutes is necessary.

    Disadvantages of uv light sterilizer box manufacturer

    1. High energy consumption - the power of even a small autoclave with a chamber volume of 10 liters starts from 1 kW
    2. The rather high price of the device, which is the higher, the larger the volume of the chamber and the modes of its operation.
    3. Mandatory availability of a water source.
    4. The medical industry produces hybrid devices capable of dry and steam operation.
    5. They cannot disinfect materials and instruments that cannot withstand strong heating,

    How UV rays are common?

    In the second half of the 20th century, cold sterilization techniques with uv light sterilizer box manufacturer began to appear. Everyone is familiar with quartzing - the instruments lie in a container, under a lamp emitting ultraviolet light with a wavelength of 253.7 nm, which coincides with the light absorption parameter of the DNA of microorganisms.

    UV light Sterilizer Box Manufacturer 2021

    However, back in the 70s of the last century, it was found that not all vegetative forms, and especially spores, are susceptible to ultraviolet light; it does not affect many species at all. But it affects the retina of the human eye without any exception, causing the synthesis of melanin pigment in the skin, which can lead to the occurrence of malignant neoplasms.

    Use of radiation by uv light sterilizer box manufacturer

    In medicine, industrial sterilizers have become common to treat disposable instruments with harsh gamma radiation, but this method turned out to be even more dangerous than the use of ultraviolet radiation. Medicine has long abandoned it by uv light sterilizer box manufacturer.

    Plasma comes to the rescue

    Plasma sterilization can be the most innovative and effective method of sterilizing instruments, materials and media today. The agent becomes gaseous hydrogen peroxide - peroxide familiar to everyone from childhood. It comes into the chamber of the device and ionized using a powerful electromagnetic field.

    Plasma particles penetrate into the most microscopic pores and holes of processed materials, destroying all forms of life known to science. Depending on the object of sterilization by uv light sterilizer box manufacturer, the cycle lasts from 28 to 50 minutes and completely controls by a computer program.

    The advantages of plasma sterilization:

    1. No water sources required.
    2. The compactness of the device allows you to place it where a bulky autoclave will not fit.
    3. Doesn't harm the most delicate tools and materials.
    4. Moreover, it requires minimal energy consumption.
    5. It is an innovative product, the presence of which in a medical institution will demonstrate its aspiration for the future.

    What is the basic principle of uv light sterilizer box manufacturer?

    The specialists are currently completing the development of the so-called express uv light sterilizer box manufacturer for processing medical instruments. The principle of operation of the device comes on atmospheric plasma technology. At the moment, such a sterilizer is the only one in the world; no analogs to the device have created.

    What care we need to take in using uv light sterilizer box?

    • Check the side effects of medications as part of the treatment;
    • Measure blood glucose whenever possible;
    • Wear comfortable socks and shoes due to the diabetic foot, as if there is any wound, the patient will present difficulties in healing;
    • Avoid exercises that could cause injuries;
    • Prioritize exercises for large muscle groups;
    • Always have foods with high sugar content on hand

    Conventional uv light sterilizer box manufacturers use an aggressive environment in their work, for example, various reagents, high temperature and pressure, and radiation. Sterilization of this type negatively affects the integrity of the instrument, leading to damage and rapid destruction of medical equipment.

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