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    How to use UV sterilizer box in china to clean instrument?


    Sterilization of manicure instruments is an important procedure on which the health of clients of beauty salons. Similarly, it impacts the reputation of these institutions, depends, they are using UV sterilizer box in china.

    Fortunately, today many, beauties come with the necessary equipment for the sterilization of working tools. Hence, disinfection and deep cleaning of box after each use is a routine for masters.

    UV sterilizer box in china

    A master who neglects the sterilization of working manicure instruments can cause serious damage to the body of his clients. The occurrence of various viral, bacterial, fungal and skin diseases is rare. Good sterilization equipment kills all bacteria and germs, preventing human infection.

    Is it beneficial of buying UV sterilizer box in china?

    Many girls are wondering: is it worth buying a UV sterilizer box in china  for cleaning manicure instruments at home? For this case, we have a separate section in which we will give an exhaustive answer. So, it's time to find out what the procedure for sterilizing instruments is what types of disinfection box are. How to properly process the box at home?

    How is sterilization of manicure instruments performed in modern beauty salons?

    A good nail art master must take a responsible approach to the processing of both his workplace and appliances. The table and other furniture can be cleaned with antiseptics, manicure accessories usually decontaminate by immersion in sterilizers. The use of the UV sterilizer box in china involves the following steps:


    Destruction of viruses and bacteria from the surface of working tools;

    Preliminary cleaning

    - Removal of plaque and other substances that settle daily on the surface of manicure accessories;


    Complete disinfection of working box from pathogens of infectious diseases located both on the surface and inside;

    Additional processing

    It is helpful for cleaning of furniture, as well as the hands of the master and the client using universal disinfectants.

    How to sterilize instrument in a saloon?

    As a rule, in beauty salons, the first and second stages come simultaneously with the use of modern disinfectants for instruments. To do this, work accessories place in the solution for the time specified in the instructions. Later, after which they wash with plenty of water.

    Next, pre-treated instruments clean in sterilizers. The manufacturers of these box strongly recommend that you follow the instructions for use.

    What are sterilizers and what are their features?

    In the modern market of manicure UV sterilizer box in china, you can find a large number of equipment that differ in speed, quality of work, and also cost. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the most common ones.

    Why to buy uv sterilizers?

    These are box in which not only the processing and disinfection of instruments carry out. They also destroy pathogenic viruses and bacteria. Due to air heat quartz beads to a temperature of 250 about C, the sterilizer is happening deep cleaning supplies in just 10-20 seconds. We should note that that only the working surface of the products disinfects in a quartz device, while in a dry heat.

    UV sterilizer box in china 2021

    The cost of a glasperlen device is much lower than that of a dry heat. Similarly, several craftsmen can use it at the same time. Unfortunately, disinfection in a ball sterilizer over time leads to dulling of the instruments.

    Hence, experts in the manicure business advise you to opt for proven equipment. One of these is the UV sterilizer box in china, which will become a reliable assistant to the nail master for many years.

    Dry heat sterilizers

    These box are one of the most popular on the market for manicure products - their functionality, as in quartz sterilizers, coms on the heat treatment of metal instruments. Disinfection of instruments in a heat sterilizer is performed at a temperature of 220-260 on S.

    Manufacturing time in a heat treatment device takes longer time (more than one hour) than the ball-sterilizer (30 seconds to 2 minutes).

    Ultraviolet sterilizers

    If in the two previous box disinfection of manicure box occurs by heat treatment, then the ultraviolet sterilizer performs its work using UV radiation. However, this is far from the main difference between this equipment and the ones presented above.

    Unfortunately, UV sterilizer box in china is not capable of killing HIV and hepatitis C viruses, which is very dangerous for both the master and the client.

    How absolute cleansing is done?

    Based on this, UV cabinets are most often common to store thermally treated appliances. Absolute cleansing of all manicure accessories takes one and a half to two hours, so each specialist should have several nail care kits in stock.

    In addition, you also need to regularly process auxiliary tools - trays, orange sticks, coasters for varnishes, brushes for painting and building, napkins, and more.

    Treatment of manicure products at home with UV sterilizer box in china

    Even if you are not a professional nail art master, disinfecting your own manicure set should not be ignored. Despite the fact that only you use the entire UV sterilizer box in china, various kinds of bacteria can settle on their surface, which are the causative agents of infectious diseases.

    How disinfection at home is easy to do?

    Disinfection at home is performed with the same substances as in the salon, but in this case, you can buy a product with a smaller volume. Every girl should remember that caring for a manicure set should include regular treatment of work surfaces with alcohol wipes.

    What is the role of UV sterilizer box in china?

    As practice shows, it is almost impossible to perform high-quality sterilization of instruments without the presence of special equipment as UV sterilizer box in china. Some women try to do this by placing manicure accessories in the oven, preheating it to 250 ° C. However, this method does not guarantee the absolute destruction of viruses and bacteria deposited on the working blades.

    Summary UV sterilizer box in china

    In this case, we recommend not sparing money and purchasing an inexpensive, but high-quality Simei 505 B sterilizer. This device not only provides the instruments with beauty and sterility, but also significantly saves time on their disinfection.

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