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    Why we should read uv sterilizer box reviews usa?


    What is sterilization?

    uv sterilizer box reviews usa

    "Sterilization is a term common to refer to any process to eliminate or destroy all life forms including infectious agents. These are fungi, bacteria, and viruses, spore forms present on the surface of, or present in, broths, medicinal solutions, or compounds common in biological culture". To disinfect them, we use uv sterilizer box reviews usa.

    1 UV sterilization method from the product Multifunctional UV box

    Sterilization by heat treatment

    Treatment with temperatures higher than the maximum temperature of microorganisms denatures the molecules (structure, function) of microbial cells.

     Pasteurization method

    As a method of microbiological control by "mild, mild" temperature; does not kill all microbial cells; slow down the growth and development of microorganisms present in the sample.

    Aim: uv sterilizer box reviews usa reduces the number of microorganisms in foods: Milk and heat-sensitive liquids.

     What is uv sterilizer box usa?

    • Pasteurization of milk by pasteurization method
    • Sterilization by filter method

    The object filters through a porous filter membrane with pores with a diameter smaller than the diameter of the smallest microbial cell. Germs will trap on the membrane and the solution that passes through will be sterile.

    The porous membrane is easy to make of porcelain, asbestos, or cellulose. In modern aseptic rooms, glass wool membranes are often common to filter air to limit infection.

    UV sterilization

    Ultraviolet (UV), X-ray and ionizing radiation such as alpha, beta, and gamma rays are all capable of sterilizing

    Ultraviolet rays are most commonly common in air sterilization in hospitals or microbiological laboratories. Also included in the products of the uv sterilizer box reviews usa.

    Ultraviolet rays only disinfect the surface, not penetrate deeply into the item.

    Currently, the understanding and use of ultraviolet light in medical sterilization is based on experience and no evidence of practice. We need to contribute to providing relevant information and applicability in medical practice. Disinfection Multifunctional UV box would like to summarize the basic knowledge about the use of ultraviolet rays in medicine.

    The concept of ultraviolet rays uv sterilizer box reviews usa:

    - Ultraviolet (or ultraviolet - Ultra Violet - UV) is an electromagnetic wave with a wavelength of 200 - 380nm that has the effect of inactivating and sterilizing   microorganisms.

    - Classification of the spectrum of ultraviolet rays divides into parts: UVA (380 - 315nm), called long wave or "black light"; UVB (315 - 280nm) call medium wave; UVC (shorter than 280nm) is called shortwave and has the effect of inactivating and sterilizing bacteria.

    2. Harm of ultraviolet rays on the body    

    Ultraviolet rays can cause eye complications such as macular degeneration when not wearing goggles. After being irradiated from 6 to 15 hours, the patient has visual disturbances such as decreased vision, seeing halos around light sources. You should always go through uv sterilizer box reviews usa.

    uv sterilizer box reviews usa 2022

    After that, I felt like there was a foreign object in my eye, watery eyes, very afraid of light. In addition, ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer.

    3. The mechanism of ultraviolet light inactivation and sterilization of bacteria

    - Ultraviolet light has a very strong effect on bacterial nucleoproteins. With a wavelength of 250 - 280 nm, ultraviolet rays have the ability to penetrate the cell nucleus, when the adsorbed bacterial DNA strands will be "broken, broken" into many segments leading to inactivation of bacteria.

    The effectiveness of uv sterilizer box reviews usa depends on the distance, time of irradiation, environmental conditions and the tolerance of each type of bacteria. The use of ultraviolet rays is harmful to human health, so it must be common with caution.

    Products Sterilize by ultraviolet light from Multifunctional UV box

    The sterile product from the Multifunctional UV box are using technology UV-C disinfection small LED chip has a specific wavelength 260-280 mm. And the ones common on the space research station are plated with pure gold.

    Cosmetics and makeup tools contain a lot of bacteria after a period of use, if not cleaned and disinfected, these items will harm your skin.

    Cotton, makeup sponge

    Cotton, sponge is dirty makeup tools that will be very harmful to the skin. When you find cotton, puffy powder or cream, causing discomfort when applying makeup, that's when you should clean and disinfect them.

    Moisten with water first, then use a few drops of soap (does not contain strong detergents) or shampoo gently squeeze, rinse with water.

    You should dry them in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. With makeup sponges, if cleaned with warm water and then disinfected with a disinfecting box Multifunctional UV box after each use, they will last longer.

    Disinfect Makeup Brushes with uv sterilizer box

    With all makeup brushes, you should dilute the shower gel or shampoo in a bowl of warm water, then dip the brush head into it and soak for one minute, gently rubbing it down the hairs. You should not use soap, but just use shower gel or shampoo, because this solution helps to clean the hairs but does not lose their softness.

    How to clean brushes?

    Then you put the brush in the sterilization box. Sterilizing box instruments makeup of uv sterilizer box reviews usa technology ownership sterilized by ultraviolet rays emitted from the ultraviolet light chip cell kill bacterial DNA by physical agents.

    As for the lipstick brush, clean it right after applying makeup, by gently rubbing the brush tip on a wet tissue to remove excess lipstick. You should only brush one way, otherwise the hair will fall out, and the fiber will break.

    You should also not immerse the lipstick brush in water because the hairs will easily fall out. After, one-way massage, you can use the Multifunctional UV box makeup tool sterilization box, disinfecting it more clean.

    Makeup tool sterilization box

    After, thoroughly clean the metal makeup tools. We should focus on disinfection. With the use of uv sterilizer box reviews usa in sterilization quickly and effectively to kill fungus, mold, gonorrhea and pathogenic bacteria on makeup tools.

    For tools such as tweezers, eyelash clippers, eyebrow trimmer, nail clippers, skin clippers... you should wash them with soap, rinse with clean water and then use a dry towel to absorb all the water. After that, you can use alcohol or alcohol soaked cotton to wipe the bacteria.

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