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    Are uv sterilizer box ultraviolet rays are harmful for smartphone?



    This article will focus on sterilizing personal devices using uv sterilizer bag, why and how to do it.

    The difficult epidemiological situation contributes to compliance with the enhanced disinfection regime. Everywhere you look, you will stumble upon a call for thorough hand washing and treating them with an antiseptic.

    Most do so. But what about smartphones, watches and other devices with which we often contact? Rinsing your favorite gadget under the tap is not a good idea (especially if the gadget is not waterproof).

    A UV sterilizer will come to the rescue in solving this problem, which will help kill germs and viruses, keeping the contents intact.

    best uv sterilizer box

    Why disinfection is so important with uv sterilizer bag?

    Viruses and bacteria survive perfectly outside the body (up to 5 days on a plastic, glass, ceramic or metal surface). According to research, modern people spend on average 5 hours a day using smartphones.

    In order to check it, more than 85 calls happen during the day. And it is not surprising that so many extremely unfriendly bacteria collect on the surface of the device. Bacteria can easily adapt to a changing environment and survive in water, soil and the human body.

    In order to protect oneself from various diseases, intelligent mankind has invented a special uv sterilizer bag for gadgets and accessories.

    We all understand how important it is to avoid them by regularly disinfecting your phone, headphones, and other personal items that some of us use. Note that this is no less important than the sterilization of instruments in a nail salon or hairdresser, where a sterilizer is required.

    But it would be more correct, of course, to buy an ultraviolet sterilizer for yourself, so that it is always at hand when you need it.

    What are the advantages of a uv sterilizer bag?

    If you regularly sterilize your smartphone and headphones, you can minimize the risk of infection through them with various hostile microorganisms. This is one of the top reasons to buy a uv sterilizer bag.

    We can use this device not only for cleaning the phone and headphones, but also for glasses, jewelry and other frequently used accessories.

    Many users have noted that with regular disinfection of the phone, its screen is much easier to clean. We can use the sterilizer to store the device or as an original stand. Modern models have a rather pleasant design and comfortable shape. They are compact, lightweight and highly mobile devices.

    uv sterilizer bag is a sterilizer that helps to disinfect any things using ultraviolet light.

    The result is the destruction of 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on any item that lives it. The dimensions of the disinfecting box are 210x120x62 mm. Easily accommodates a smartphone, keys and other compact gadgets or things.

    buy uv sterilizer box

    uv sterilizer bag: Completely safe for children and pets

    The Disinfection Box uses a specific type of UV light. Its function is to disinfect surfaces and kill microorganisms in environments where almost sterile hygiene is required.

    In addition to disinfection, the GP-UV001 can also charge your phone. The surface of the UV sterilizer comes with wireless charging. You can charge your smartphone if it supports wireless charging.


    • Ultraviolet lamps ensure high sterilization rates
    • Suitable for disinfection of protective masks, brushes and other cosmetics

    Question answer

    What will be more effective: wipe the phone with an alcohol-based antibacterial wipe, or buy a sterilizer?

    One does not interfere. It is recommended to periodically use antiseptic wipes to treat the surface of the smartphone. All the accumulated dust is an excellent springboard for the reproduction of all kinds of microorganisms. Viruses can live in it for up to 5 weeks.

    After mechanical cleaning, you can use a uv sterilizer bag. Laboratory studies have confirmed the effectiveness of its work and such a two-stage cleaning.

    Important: When cleaning the smartphone with only an alcohol wipe, you should then walk over the surface with a soft, lint-free cloth and remove excess moisture.

    Is ultraviolet radiation harmful to a smartphone screen?

    No, no cases of damage have been identified.

    Does a smartphone need a sterilizer for disinfection?

    Recently, the issue of disinfection has been very acute. People who are desperate to get rid of germs on smartphones may be tempted to buy a portable ultraviolet sterilizer. Is it worth it and why?

    Scientists discovered that sunlight can restrict the growth of microorganisms nearly 150 years ago. It turns out that ultraviolet radiation is good at destroying and damaging the DNA of living organisms.

    Based on this, we can destroy viruses, bacteria and fungi by sterilizing things, such as smartphones, in special UV boxes.

    Their UV lamps use a particularly dangerous form of ultraviolet radiation called UVC, which is great at breaking down genetic material. Our eyes and skin are safe from UVC sun rays by the Earth's atmosphere. But the bacteria and viruses that got into the sterilizer weren't so lucky.

    So the answer is yes, uv sterilizer bag can kill germs. New experiments show that UV radiation can even destroy COVID-19. Does this mean that it is worth buying an ultraviolet sterilizer? Everything is not so simple.

    What is the effectiveness of uv sterilizer bag?

    The effectiveness of ultraviolet exposure depends on many factors: radiation power, processing time, environmental conditions and, of course, on the specific microorganism.

    For example, it is not known at what power and air humidity it is necessary to quartz in order to completely destroy one or another virus. In addition, such sterilizers are poorly understood, and the WHO does not provide any recommendations on their use.

    What is the alternative? Instead of paying for little-studied sterilizers with unproven effectiveness, use regular rubbing alcohol. Technology proponents will say that when you buy a sterilizer, you pay for convenience, but is that really so?

    Cleaning your smartphone with rubbing alcohol will take less time than using a uv sterilizer bag and will be much more efficient. The point is, cracks, ports, and dirt on a smartphone can protect microorganisms from UV radiation.


    That is, if you want to destroy all bacteria and viruses, then you still have to additionally wipe the gadget with alcohol. How to do it correctly so as not to damage your smartphone?

    If you still want to buy a uv sterilizer bag, then pay attention to those models that have passed the appropriate testing. Most cheap sterilizers do not have any confirmation of their effectiveness - there is only the desire of their manufacturers to cash in on the pandemic.

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