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    3 Best UV Sterilizer Box us for Manicure Tools


    Ultrasonic cleaning is several times more effective than disinfection in solutions, because cleans tools from bacteria, microorganisms, and other contaminants. Therefore, you need a reliable best US sterilizer box us.

    UV Sterilizer Box us

    It is common for cleaning small tools (burs, cutters) using ultrasonic waves. Although some people refer to the sink as a sterilizer, this opinion is erroneous. Processing in such a device is not enough for complete sterilization, therefore, after ultrasonic disinfection; the instruments still need to process thermally.

    Cleaning of instruments before using best UV sterilizer box us

    After the instrument has been disinfected in the solution, it must be free of contamination. At this stage, pieces of epithelium nail dust and residues of cosmetics also remove. Some people reverse the first and second stages - it is wrong to do so.

    When cleaning non-disinfected instruments, particles of biomaterial, together with bacteria, enter the air, inhale and settle on the hands of the master.

    To clean the tools, rinse each one under running water and soap, and a stiff brush will also help. After rinsing the best UV sterilizer box us, dry them thoroughly.

    Sterilization of instruments with instruments

    The last final stage is the sterilization of instruments. Sterilization allows the final cleaning of the instrument from all microorganisms (such as fungi, viruses, etc.) that may remain on the surface and inside after disinfection.

    At the moment, for sterilization are usually common: dry ovens, quartz, and steam, ultrasonic and ultraviolet sterilizers. Let's consider them in more detail.

    Dry oven vs UV sterilizer box

    Ten rums came to the beauty industry from medical institutions. They sterilize the manicure tool through heat treatment and kill the last bacteria, fungi and viruses.

    Suitable for tools made of materials to be processed at high temperatures.  When working with dry heat, it is important not to exceed the permissible temperature, otherwise the tool will become unusable. From the pros - they are reliable and at the same time have a relatively low price.

    The processing time in best UV sterilizer box us is quite long - from half an hour to two hours. Therefore, the master needs to have at least 2-3 sets of tools, depending on the load. Some specialists purchase 10-11 sets and only after a working day load everything together for sterilization.

     What are the advantages of manicure tool in dry heat gun?

    As a rule, a manicure tool is placed in a dry heat gun in special craft bags. While some may consider their use optional, they have a number of advantages:

    • It is easier to calculate the load of the device. Many manufacturers indicate how many filled Kraft bags a dry oven holds;
    • You can leave notes: thedate of sterilization, the instruments inside, the person in charge;
    • Easy to distinguish a sterilized package from a non-sterilized onethanks to the marks;
    • Helps to keep instruments sterile.

    What is the quartz best UV sterilizer box us?

    The best UV sterilizer box us also helps to sterilize instruments by acting on them thermally - heating temperature up to 250 °. Suitable for sterilizing metal instruments only. It Heats up quickly due to quartz balls, only 15-20 seconds are enough for sterilization.

    What is Steam sterilizer (autoclave)?

    Sterilization of the instrument in an autoclave is carried out with hot steam (up to 135 °) obtained from distilled water, which supplies under pressure. The duration of the procedure is 20-30 minutes (for older or budget models it can be up to an hour.

    Moreover, autoclaves best UV sterilizer box us are advantageous in case of high throughput of clients, when it is required to sterilize a large number of sets of instruments at the same time. Also, autoclaves are much less subject to wear and tear due to the fact that they do not use extremely high temperatures.

    Although, such devices are very effective, but at the same time they are several times more expensive than dry ovens, therefore, as a rule, they are common in salons of the middle and higher classes.

    What is Ultraviolet sterilizer?

    Note that, unlike temperature devices, the UV sterilizer does not completely disinfect the instrument - it does not fight the spread of HIV and hepatitis. Therefore, its use for the final stage of sterilization is good only for those instruments that must not be exposed to high temperatures.

    UV Sterilizer Box us 2021

    Whenever possible, try to replace such instruments with disposable ones. You have to disinfect the instrument with ultraviolet light by using best UV sterilizer box us. Exposure time: 40 minutes.

    Suitable for tools made of materials that cannot be heat treated (eg files).

    Pros of an ultraviolet sterilizer:

    • low price;
    • suitable for any materials;
    • helps fight rust;
    • does not affect the quality of inventory
    • Also, the UV sterilizer is suitable for storing cleaned devices.

    Correct storage of the finished tool

    After sterilization, the processed instruments must come in airtight bags to keep them clean until the next use. If you sterilized items in special Kraft bags, you do not need to remove and transfer; such bags perfectly keep the instrument sterile using best UV sterilizer box us.

    There are different types of packaging:

    • Kraft packages:Paper bags keep instruments sterile for up to 3 days.
    • Heat-sealable bags: In such bags, instruments can remain sterile for up to 20 days.
    • Closed flap bags: Packages with the longest storage time for sterile instruments - 21-60 days.
    • UV sterilizer with germicidal lamps: The device considered above, which is common both for disinfection and for storing cleaned instruments.

    Compliance with hand hygiene 

    Do not forget about hand skin disinfection using best UV sterilizer box us, which is no less important than instrument sterilization. In the office of a manicurist, it is important to sterilize not only instruments, but all surfaces, including the hands of the master and the client.

    Moreover, to treat your hands, you need to rub the antiseptic thoroughly into dry skin of your hands. To disinfect the workplace, as a rule, they use a disinfectant solution in a spray bottle, and then wipe it dry with napkins.

    Furthermore, it is recommended for craftsmen to work in gloves and protective masks - this is a guarantee of the safety of both the master and the client.

    What types of manicure tools are sterilized?

    Manicure tools are easy to divide into two main groups: porous (files, buffs) and non-porous (for example, scissors).

    Porous instruments are often disposable (cotton swabs, sponges, inexpensive polishing files). But there are also reusable ones, such as files and buffs, which require special cleaning.

    Files and polishing buffs are not subject to chemical or heat treatment. They should move in best UV sterilizer box us and cleaned under running water.

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