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    Step by Step Guide to use UV sterilizer toy box for Beginners


    Why cleaning of toy is important?

    We should not only pay attention to our hygiene in times of corona and flu to make it harder for pathogens. Moreover, we should pay attention to children toy disinfection. Therefore, buying UV sterilizer toy box is an important step is cleaning your toy.

    Children toy is always and everywhere with them, but is often forgotten when taking precautionary measures. In this article, we'll tell you how to clean your toy and what you should definitely avoid.

    UV sterilizer toy box

    Washing your hands and coughing in the crook of your arm are useful tips. But we often forget one of the biggest sources of bacilli: our toy, which is always and everywhere with us, but has probably never been cleaned by many.

    How do you actually use UV sterilizer toy box?

    Probably not in the bathtub or dishwasher. In this article, we'll tell you how to clean your toy using UV sterilizer toy box and what you should definitely avoid. Nice side effect of cleaning your toy: You not only protect yourself, but also improve voice quality and sound.

    Cleaning your toy in six steps

    • Turn off your toy
    • Get a lint-free cloth
    • Spray disinfectant or glass cleaner on the cloth
    • Clean any smooth surfaces
    • Clean the openings with a toothpick
    • Repeat cell toy cleaning regularly!

    What do you need UV sterilizer toy box?

    After your toy has been disconnected from the power, you can start cleaning your toy. Apple recommends a soft, lint-free cloth. This also applies to UV sterilizer toy box from other manufacturers. You can use a microfiber or glasses cloth, or special display cleaning cloths. Do you still have glass cleaning cloths at home and want to use them for cleaning? Opinions are divided here.

    How to clean it?

    Some recommend it for the display glass, while others fear damage from the aggressive cleaning agents it contains. Since there are other options, we believe you shouldn't take any chances with them. If you do want to try the glass cleaning cloths, only use it on the display glass. Otherwise plastic and other components could be damaged. You should also avoid paper towels.

    UV sterilizer toy box Kill microbes

    Here you have to decide whether you just want to clean the toy and UV sterilizer toy box, i.e. remove grease, fingerprints, etc., or also disinfect it. If you have never spring cleaned your device, we recommend disinfecting it. GIGA recommends moist disinfectant wipes which are also intended for the hands and are available in the drugstore, in order to protect the surfaces of your toy.

    This removes the germs that can be numerous on the toy than in a public toilet. According to Focus , every sixth toy also contains traces of feces. Reason enough to use the disinfectant every now and then! However, you can only spray this on the cloth and not on the device itself.

    How can we clean our toy?

    If you just want to brush away a few fingerprints, the cloth alone is sufficient, with a little water if necessary. However, please do not use soap or lye, as this will endanger the touchscreen of UV sterilizer toy box. If water alone isn't enough for you, there are plenty of products made especially for cleaning your screens. A little white wine vinegar in the water, for example, ensures a better result when cleaning your cell toy.

    Toy cleaning: Where do I begin?

    Start cleaning the display. The impurities are most visible here. It's also the area you touch most often. If the dry cloth isn't enough, dampen the cloth with some disinfectant or water. Caution: It should be damp and not wet! Has your cell toy ever gone swimming? Then you will know from experience what damage liquids can cause inside the device.

    UV sterilizer toy box 2021

    Cleaning your UV sterilizer toy box - make sure it doesn't get wet. When cleaning your cell toy, the motto is: wet, not damp! Simply dripping water onto the device, as shown here, is the wrong way to go. The roughest dirt can generally be seen well on the switched-off screen. Some like to move the cloth in circles, some prefer up and down - the main thing is that you wipe the entire display and don't leave any streaks.

    Bushings and other openings for UV sterilizer toy box

    The charging socket, head toy output cannot be wiped clean so easily. But it is precisely these openings that are popular places to deposit dirt, lint, etc. This is not only unsanitary - the dirt particles block the openings, so that clay or the connections can be impaired. To clean this up, you'll need a pointed object that won't damage the delicate parts. We like to use a dentist's hook.

    It is important to clean sterilizer toy box on Time

    If you don't have a uv toy box manufacturer in your circle of friends: A cotton swab cut at an angle or a toothpick will also work. We will show you how you can use your UV sterilizer toy box to push the dirt out of a socket. The same applies, for example, to the small columns around the buttons. For the microtoy and loudspeaker, a brush or toothbrush that does not shed hair will help loosen the dirt.

    Consistency is required

    With the toy it is like with the apartment: If you wait too long to clean up, you have to struggle to get your cell toy or home sparkling clean. Therefore, clean your cell toy regularly and not only when bacteria and viruses are increasing. This makes it quicker and becomes a "pure" routine. Cleaning is particularly useful after someone else has used your toy.

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