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    What are the advantages and disadvantages of mini battery fan?


    USB Fan: How to choose the best of 2021?

    Mini battery fan

    The “art of cooling” has evolved a lot in recent times, mainly with the arrival of air conditioners. Even so, the mini battery fan continues to compete in this game, proving its worth in the midst of so many other technologies.

    Now, we will present you with information such as features, models and selection criteria, which will make you, without a doubt, choose the best USB fan according to your need. Keep reading and know everything!

    The best USB fans on the market: Our favorites

    Among the advantages of a USB fan, we can highlight its size. Compact, it takes up little space on your desk and refreshes all around the person. A cheap option to end the heat once and for all. Below, check out our ranking with the best mini battery fan models on the market.

    Micro USB Fan

    A portable and safe-looking device with a metal grid to protect the propellers against accidental shocks. Comes with medium length USB cable for power connection.

    It has a design similar to some air circulators, with an approximate size of 15 cm in height by 15 in width, and a propeller diameter of 9.5 cm. The equipment is made of metal and plastic, with propellers in ABS.

    It has a fixed base (needs a flat surface to stay), with an energy consumption of 0.003 kw / h (up to 30 times less than a standard fan), and a power of 3 W, allowing 150 RPM (the propellers rotate 150 times per minute).

    Powerful Mini USB Fan

    Like any mini battery fan, it is portable, with a plastic housing and grilles protecting the propellers against accidental shocks. Comes with short USB cable for power connection.

    The differential of this model is that it has an internal lithium battery that allows the use of the product without the need for a cable, with autonomy for approximately 40 minutes.

    Compact in size, it has approximately 15 cm in height and 12 cm in width, with the possibility of colors to choose from. It also has a button for speed selection (three levels), as well as a flashlight function, made by a led lamp.

    Western Mini USB Fan

    Mini Fan With Lamp For Western Computer

    Portable equipment with a more minimalist or “root” characteristic, with a flexible rod that has a USB connector cable on one end and the propeller engine on the other.

    Due to this characteristic, the propeller is not protected against accidental touches and does not have a cable, being a proximity fan.

    The mini battery fan also has a drop of LED for illumination (reading, computer keys) and which, due to the flexibility of the rod, allows different positions of the same.

    The fan can be found in different colors, with a shaft length of approximately 20 cm (from the USB cable to the motor), with a diameter of about 10 cm between the blades.

    Mini battery fan Buying Guide

    Not everyone likes to work in an air-conditioned environment. And an alternative to cool off, is the USB fan, which in addition to consuming little energy, fulfills its main function very well.


    They are small, quiet and add charm to the environment. Want to know more about this product? Stay with us to learn everything you need before making your purchase.

    What is the USB fan and what are its advantages?

    Mini battery fan is small air circulators with the same characteristics as the original, to operate from computers, creating a continuous gust of wind for its direct users.

    Extremely light and inexpensive, they are small (on average half the size of a ruler) and do not need plugs to work.

    Their main feature is their portability and mobility, where any small space can be used by them.

    What to pay attention to: fixed base or flexible rod?

    We're talking about fans with everything smaller. Smaller size, smaller power, lower consumption. So don't be fooled into imagining that this product will bring wind to everyone on the living room sofa.

    It brings directed air, capable of reaching up to two meters in distance, with the particularity of connecting via USB ports - use in computers or even adapters for power outlets.

    To avoid discontent, first try to identify your need and then what characteristics the product must have to satisfy them.

    Following this path, you will certainly choose the best model, even among so many.

    How much is mini battery fan?

    Now let's go to the cost-benefit ratio, which is very attractive when we come across these accessories.

    You already know what this product offers, and as for the price, a mini battery fan can easily be found from R $ 20 to R $ 50.

    Other options (with an ice drawer, for example), are found for a higher price, but this variation occurs mainly from what the equipment proposes to accomplish.

    Mini battery fan 2021

    Where to buy mini battery fan?

    USB fans are products with a certain time in the market, and are very accessible to consumers, mainly in department stores

    Purchasing criteria: Factors to compare USB fan models

    A USB fan is relatively simple electronic equipment, with very specific functionality. Therefore, what you need to take into account when purchasing are the following points:

    • Portability
    • Autonomy
    • Propellers size
    • Wattage
    • Design

    Next, we will detail each one so that you can make the best choice when buying a USB fan.


    It's basically where the equipment is going to be. There is no point in researching a fixed-base mini battery fan, if you don't have space or place to keep it running.

    Remember that USB power means a cable connected to the computer (or to a power source via an adapter) and to the fan.

    Think carefully about how you intend to use the product and in what situations it will occur, to have the best options when considering buying.

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