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    What is a UV Sterilizer box: how does it work to remove bacteria & germs?


    UV Disinfection Box: Beginner’s Guide

    UV Sterilizer box

    The water is not free from bacteria: this is the reason why rainwater or water from a well or a borehole must have to purify before use. Nothing better than a uv sterilizer box, which uses ultraviolet rays to disinfect the water. A natural and economical solution in the long term!

    UV sterilization is democratizing and becoming a particularly effective tool for a healthier environment. Basically, we are here to explain everything about UV sterilization, its benefits, and uses and how it works.


    Nowadays all of us are using UV sterilizer to disinfect rainwater or water which people pump from borehole or well. Indeed, water can contain bacteria, some of which are pathogens. Treating water with UV consists of exposing it to a precise wavelength.

    Moreover, the sensitivity of germs is at a wavelength of 260 nm. With a low-pressure lamp UV sterilizer, the wave is 253.7 nm. So, it can destroy 90 to 99.99% of the bacteria present.


    The uv sterilizer box has multiple applications around water treatment. Here are the different uses that individuals and professionals can easily use for:

    • purification and security of domestic water;
    • drinking water from a borehole or a well;
    • sanitation of rainwater;
    • decomposition of chlorine, chlorinated by-products and ozone;
    • anti-bacterial treatment

    While individuals use UV sterilization for their personal use (drinking, bathing, washing clothes, filling a swimming pool or aquarium). Furthermore, professionals also use it for breeding and cultivation. It is unthinkable to use unsterilized water for watering vegetables or for feeding farm animals.


    The UV sterilizer offers substantial advantages to its user, from installation to maintenance, including daily use:

    • quick and easy installation;
    • natural treatment without chemicals, only ultraviolet;
    • efficient and reliable system, with water filtration and sterilization;
    • water without an unpleasant odor or taste, completely disinfected;
    • long life expectancy;

    It reduces maintenance: change of the uv sterilizer box every 12 months and cleaning of the quartz sleeve. It has long been known that the sun's rays have disinfectant properties.

    Moreover, UV sterilizers will also purify, filter and sterilize the water used in your home or in an agricultural installation. Without the addition of chemicals and acting instantly, UV sterilizers offer a water purification process that is both,

    • natural;
    • profitable and efficient.


    UV sterilization is a 100% physical and natural water treatment process. Without addition or risk of overdose of chemicals. Further, it implements the bactericidal action of ultraviolet (UV) rays.

    This is because water can contain a large number of bacteria, viruses and pathogens. While some are harmless, others are sometimes dangerous to health and also generate unpleasant odors.

    Focusing from the beginning of 20th century, uv sterilizer box will remove bacteria by exposing them to the action of UV rays as the sun does in nature.

    Without damaging your equipment, UV disinfection is the most profitable and effective technology. In addition, this technology is best to fight against all of the microorganisms contaminating residential water.

    Not causing any secondary reaction, acting in a few seconds, it can be used to purify, sterilize or filter rainwater. Moreover, it is also helpful to disinfect water from,

    • a source;
    • a well;
    • or a borehole for use in your home or in an agricultural facility.


    The principle is simple. It consists of exposing the water to a precise wavelength in order to eliminate the microorganisms present in the liquid.


    The UV sterilizer, with a small footprint, is attached directly to the water supply pipe. Depending on its model, it consists of one or more lamps. And it is protected by quartz sheaths and placed in a tube (closed device) or in a channel (open device). By circulating in a very thin layer between the lamps, the water is exposed to the wavelength of UV rays. Actually, this wavelength has the effect of instantly sterilizing the water.


    Depending on the strength of their radiation, ultraviolet rays can be distinguished into 3 wavelength classes:

    • UVA;
    • UVB;

    Basically, uv sterilizer box covers waves from 100 nm to 280 nm. This light, also called “black” light. Because it is not visible to naked eye, will destroy bacteria by acting on their DNA and stopping their reproduction.

    Since the sensitivity of germs is at a wavelength of 260 nm (nanometers). So, UV sterilizers use low and medium pressure lamps, which emit a wave of 253.7 nm. At this very precise wavelength, pathogenic microorganisms cannot resist and they die.

    Depending on the quality of the water (more or less loaded), the exposure time and the flow rate, the action of ultraviolet rays will make it possible to eliminate 90 to 99.9% of bacteria. The water then becomes bacteriologically drinkable, subject to its chemical potability, which must have been checked by analysis.

    UV Sterilizer box 2021


    UV disinfection is particularly effective in the context of domestic use. Do you want to improve the quality of tap water, remove any odors, treat it against bacteria? By naturally eliminating microbes, viruses, algae and mold ... UV sterilization will be the ideal solution.

    GOOD TO KNOW: the three main functions of UV sterilizers 

    1: Filtration

    2: Purification

    3: Sterilization

    Depending on the different models, UV sterilizers will perform all or part of these three functions. Filtration, thanks to a centrifugal propeller which drives the particles in suspension to the bottom and with the help of an extremely fine sieve.

    The purification of the water is easy by enabling carbon which eliminates the taste, the odor, the pesticides and herbicides. It is not only about water, in modern era, where machines have taken an advance shape, the spreading speed of germs has also surprised scientist.

    It is not possible to wash everything especially gadgets. For these gadgets disinfection, we cannot undermine the role of disinfection boxes.


    Thus, uv sterilizer box from the leadingplus range will offer a complete treatment of rainwater, for breeding or domestic use. They can also be used for the treatment of drinking water (provided that it has been previously chemically analyzed and sanitized if necessary).

    Ultraviolet sterilizers will also treat spring water, water from a well or a borehole for use in your home. It will also be possible by this 100% natural process to purify and sterilize the water intended for drinking in a breeding establishment.

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