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    What is the best sterile air box during COVID-19 lockdown? (UV Sterilization Box China)


    What is the best sterile air box during COVID-19 lockdown? (UV Sterilization Box China)

    sterile air box suppliers

    We are made to the idea that the COVID-19 pandemic is going to go on for a while. Although we are suffering it for more than one year. We do not have many options now. The cold is approaching, taking care of you and yours is, more than ever, non-negotiable. For this situation, you need a good sterile air box.

    1. The first advice I would give you is to give your immune system a good boost with advice as interesting and basic.
    2. The second wash your hands with soap as often as you can.
    3. And the third get good disinfectant products to take care of you and protect yourself during the coronavirus pandemic. The sterile air box, for example, will soon be part of our new routines. Yes, this is what they call the new normal.

    UV rays for sterilization?

    You are right. The ultraviolet sterilizers (sterilizers UV lamps and UV sterilizers boxes) seems to come to stay and will be our new home appliance. Although it is a subject most people do not know in the world but it provides amazing results.

    We are advancing to the pandemics by every day. For this, it is important to make up our mind to fight against such viruses. So, this is not possible without getting latest equipment and devices that can help us.

    In addition, it will be necessary to have suitable products in case there are future outbreaks of this or other viruses. So from now on, we will have to include in our medicine cabinet, for example:

    • finger pulse oximeters
    • And non-contact laser thermometers, for example.

    As soon as the masks are available again, we will have to get a few. Because it will be the easiest way to protect ourselves and others from a possible contagion.


    Even so, Amazon offers vary frequently sterile air box. So there may be some small error in the real price if there have been changes during the day.

    Best UV sterile air box for masks and mobiles

    A UV sterilizer with ultraviolet light is quite famous sterilizing device in:

    • Laboratories
    • hairdressers and
    • beauty centers

    Moreover, it is very common to disinfect manicure tools, makeup brushes, hairdressing tools, water, etc.

    Now they are also called to become new regulars at home, especially to sterilize masks and make them last longer.

    The ultraviolet (UV) light is invisible to the human eye has three types of low to high intensity:

    1. UVA
    2. UVB and
    3. UVC

    This last form is the one used in disinfection mechanisms, since it can destroy the DNA of microorganisms.

    As a consequence, when bacteria, viruses, and protozoa expose to certain wavelengths of this ultraviolet light, they become inactive. For this reason, these spermicidal properties have been used for years to disinfect water, air and various surfaces.

    We must take it into account that this method with ultraviolet light does not add any chemical component, an especially important detail when disinfecting water or food. In addition, it does not need to be processed either, which is why it stands out for having certain advantages over other disinfection systems.

    Why the use of uv sterile boxes is increasing?

    Little by little the interest and supply of special UV sterile air box, cabinets and boxes for home is increasing. And we will probably soon adjust us with it. Even well-known brands such as Xiaomi and Samsung have launched to produce them. They allow disinfecting from entire rooms, to our personal items such as:

    • mobile phones
    • glasses and
    • Even masks.

    As I have told you, its use in domestic environments is still under discussion. What is clear is that it is not advisable to expose the skin to UVC rays. WHO also recommends this because they are very harmful?

    Regarding the UV sterile air box for household-type masks, the use is simple. You just have to deposit our personal items inside the box and plug it in. In 3 minutes we have them clean. Apart from the current use that is to sterilize masks, mobiles, glasses, keys, pacifiers , etc. It can also be useful for the sterilization of different devices to sterilize them completely.

    It seems to me that it can be a good way to help save masks by lengthening their useful life a little more. Moreover, it prevents us from continuously wetting the keys with the risk of rust. Also, it works for other items beyond the coronavirus crisis. So I think it is a purchase that pays for itself in a short time.

    How does ultraviolet (UVC) sterile air box work?

    sterile air box

    Sterilization with light wave (UV LED) is a physical method of fast and safe disinfection. It also appears as a sustainable alternative to the "new normal".  If you decide to buy sterile air box, always use them in a room and leave it when it is in use for extra caution.

    What UV sterilizer do I buy?

    One of the most recommended and prestigious UV sterilization boxes for home use are the Multifunctional UV Sterilizing Box. It also has a beautiful design. Although there are many new Chinese brands in an emerging market like this


    After using it for several weeks, this is what I can say about the home use UV sterilization:

    What I like the most

    + Extends the useful life of the masks and eliminates that whiff that they can have after several uses. The fact that the smell disappears makes me see that it really works.

    + It is perfect for small everyday objects such as glasses, keys, mobile, pacifiers, makeup brushes and personal care. I will be able to use it beyond the pandemic to improve the hygiene of my personal products.

       What I like least about sterile air box?

    - UV-C radiation is dangerous if we are exposed to them directly (skin and eyes). So whenever I use it I leave the room for extra protection, even if it is a closed ultraviolet sterilizer!

    Sterile air box are not new products that were developed during the pandemic. But they are certainly devices to consider if we live at home with people who have allergies or respiratory problems. As they have been shown to improve air quality and clean it. They are not cheap products, but it is a long-term investment in health, especially if we live in large cities.


    People are using the Ultraviolet light as a disinfection method for years. But in recent months this system has become fully topical again due to the pandemic that we suffer in most countries of the world. So, buying a good sterile air box can help you to keep secure yourself and family from any destructive viral disease.

    But the characteristics of this method mean that its use is not always appropriate or that it continues to be investigated to facilitate its use in certain circumstances. We find out if ultraviolet light works to disinfect and we know its most relevant aspects in times of coronavirus.

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