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    Top 7 Best Wholesale Wireless Mouse of 2021 (Pros & Cons)


    Wireless USB or Bluetooth mouse: Which is best for you?

    Looking for a Wholesale Wireless Mouse? See our selection of the best models on the market and better understand their features so you don't miss the choice!

    A Wireless Mouse with Bluetooth connectivity offers greater convenience without the need for additional accessories.

    The mouse with USB connectivity offers greater connection stability and less latency. It makes it ideal for professional activities and games for example.

    However, it will always be necessary to keep a USB port occupied by your receiver.

    What is mouse DPI?

    DPI or “Donts per inch” measures the amount of dots per inch the cursor can detect.

    And it can be changed according to the user's need. For example, a mouse with a high DPI is ideal for games and activities that require greater pointer agility, whereas a lower DPI is more suitable for common use or more accurate tasks.

    What is the ideal Wireless Mouse for games?

    An ideal Wholesale Wireless Mouse is one with a high DPI value for greater agility.
    USB connectivity in the case of its wireless version is interesting because it adds less latency and greater stability.

    In addition, it is important to look for versions with good options for programmable buttons that will allow you to configure shortcuts and facilitate gameplay.

    Wholesale Wireless Mouse

    1. Logitech MX Vertical Mouse (Best Wireless Ergonomic Mouse)

    If you work long hours in front of your computer, you probably already feel fatigued at the end of the day or you may have already suffered an injury in this same region.

    This different Logitech MX Vertical shell model has smart features that can easily solve your problem.

    It comes with a unique ergonomic design with a 57 degree vertical tilt. Moreover, it reduces pressure on your wrist and can cause an improvement of up to 10% in your posture in front of the computer. Furthermore, it saves your movements up to 4x thanks to the high precision of your sensors.

    In addition, it also features the brand's Flow technology that allows the sharing of cursor and files between up to 3 different devices.


    Connection: USB Extra Functions: 4 Programmable Buttons
    Food: Rechargable battery Resolution (DPI): 400 - 4,000


    2. Logitech G603 Lightspeed Mouse (Best Wholesale Wireless Mouse)

    Logitech's G603 promises latency-free connection stability with superior performance even to wired mice thanks to its Light speed technology.

    If proving to be a great intermediate option for gaming mice it has a Hero sensor of the latest generation ranging from 200 to 12,000 DPIs. Hence, it guarantees greater precision perfect for games or for the work of designers for example.

    This model also has 6 programmable buttons with the possibility of combining clicks for shortcuts and up to 5 sensitivity adjustments.

    In addition, it comes with an advanced hi-lo power management system. It allows the user to choose moments when they will get the best out of their performance or opt for more economical use.

    Another differential of this Wholesale Wireless Mouse model for the others of the same brand is the connection that can be made either via Bluetooth or USB input.

    Connection: USB or Bluetooth Extra Functions: 6 Programmable Buttons
    Food: Rechargeable battery Resolution (DPI): 200 - 12,000

    Wholesale Wireless Mouse 2021

    3. Logitech Anywhere MX 2S Mouse (Best Portable Wireless Mouse)

    As its name describes the Logitech MX 2S Anywhere Mouse is perfect to be taken and used anywhere.

    This is due to its perfect compact size for travel and its latest generation Darkfield 4000 DPi sensor. Hence, it allows its best performance on any surface, even glass.

    In addition, it has 7 configurable buttons and hyper-fast scroll with precision adjustment so that you can customize your shortcuts and optimize the time at your work.

    Another nice point of the model that makes it a great working mouse is the ability to use it on up to three simultaneous devices and can share files by copying and pasting from one screen to another.

    Connection: USB or Bluetooth Extra Functions: 7 Programmable Buttons
    Food: Rechargable battery Resolution (DPI): 200 - 4,000


    4. Logitech G305 LIGHTSPEED Mouse (Best Wireless Input Gamer Mouse)

    If you are looking for a quality Wholesale Wireless Mouse model, but you do not have every budget available, the Logitec G305 Lightspeed may be for you.

    Included in our list as the best entry-level wireless mouse, it may not appeal to many pockets, but it is certainly the best entry option in its category for the quality of its features.

    That's because it has extreme precision capabilities. Moreover, it comes with a Hero sensor of up to 12,000 DPIs, in addition to the brand's Lightspeed technology that gives it the same response time as a wired mouse. In addition, it gives all the freedom of movement experience that only a wireless mouse provides.

    Its battery also has extreme durability and can reach up to 250 hours of use with indicator light when it reaches a low charge of 15%.

    Connection: USB Extra Functions: 6 Programmable Buttons, Customizable RGB Light
    Food: Rechargeable battery Resolution (DPI): 200 - 12,000


    5. Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse Black (Best Wholesale Wireless Mouse with Durable Battery)

    If the battery life of the Wholesale Wireless Mouse is an important issue for you, the Logitech M510 can be a great choice.

    This mouse is perfect for you to forget that it is powered by batteries, because with just one charge your charge can last up to 2 years.

    It also features a comfortable and rubberized ergonomic design perfect for use all day without causing discomfort.

    In addition it has 7 buttons with customizable commands for you to optimize your activities to the maximum.

    Connection: USB Extra Functions: 7 Programmable Buttons
    Food: Rechargeable battery Resolution (DPI): 1,000

    Wholesale Wireless Mouse china

    6. HP X200 Wireless Mouse (More Accuracy For Less)

    What we like most about this model besides its elegant and minimalist design is the fact that it is an ambidextrous mouse with the precision equivalent to the most complete models on the market combined with a lower cost.

    The HP Wireless X200 Mouse is not the most complete of features like Logitech's, but it gives good ergonomics in your model together with a great precision that goes from 800 to 16,000 DPI making it a great option for work.

    Wholesale Wireless Mouse battery also has an excellent life and can reach up to 18 months of durability depending on its use.

    Connection: USB Extra Functions: -
    Food: Rechargeable battery Resolution (DPI): 800 - 16,000


    7. Logitech M170 Mouse (Best Wireless Input Mouse)

    If you are still not sure that you will adapt to a wireless mouse and are looking for a low-cost but quality model to start your experience, this entry-level model from Logitech will not disappoint you.

    With a simple, ergonomic and ambidextrous design it promises a stable connection without delay or falls with a range of up to 10 meters away.

    The battery's durability is also a strong point of the model, which can reach up to 12 months in duration.

    Connection: USB Extra Functions: -
    Food: Rechargeable battery Resolution (DPI): -
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