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    Wholesale wireless mouse vs wired mouse: which one to buy?


    What are major types of mouse?


    Wholesale wireless mouse

    The mouse, which is so essential for the computer, has undergone several evolutions. Moving from the sphere of movement to the laser, from the hard button to the lighter click, from the closed housing to the transparent one with leds. Snd, mainly, coming out of the wire to the wireless. And in the whole process, the role of wholesale wireless mouse companies cannot be undermined.


    Whoever uses many electronic devices such as computers, video games, televisions, etc ... knows how complicated it is to fix so many wires and still have to hide them to keep the environment unpleasant.

    However, wholesale wireless mouse technology has become very common when it comes to passing control over to the user. Whether they are keyboards, mice or even video game controls. The wireless mouse has become one of the sales leaders for not locking when it comes to "pulling" the mouse to the side. But would the wireless mouse be better than the wireless mouse?

    Differences from a Wireless and Wired Mouse

    Wireless mouse


    • Easy portability,
    • Difficult to damage,
    • It does not stop movement during use.


    1. They need a battery for power,
    2. Price for quality is considerably higher,
    3. Performance low when the battery is low,
    4. They are usually heavier (because they contain battery).

    Unlike what many people think, the response time is not less than those with wire. As long as it is of good quality, or at least average. Very inexpensive wholesale wireless mouse mice can have a lower response time, with a lower DPI.

    But nothing that causes problems for those who use it on the job. If you are a gamer and use the mouse a lot to play, then a medium or good quality is recommended, so as not to lose performance during the game.

    Wholesale wireless mouse suppliers

    Just like the wired mouse, it is also connected via USB input that is at least 2.0 (included with all current computers) via a dongle. Usually the dongle comes with the mouse, and if you lose, you should buy an equal or compatible with the mouse in question.

    What is the cost of wholesale wireless mouse?

    The price of wholesale wireless mouse varies a lot. But it is possible to find quality wireless mice for around R $ 10.00 to R $50. The best can reach up to R $ 800.00. There are also sets that come with both the wireless keyboard and mouse.

    Not having a wire also has several advantages in relation to transport and life span. Besides not having to wrap wire to carry it to other places, it avoids the risk of damaging it, causing bad contact. It is the most common problem that occurs with mice to stop working. In addition, there is no risk of any wire tangling in another, “locking” the mouse during use.

    However, battery usage can be a problem with wholesale wireless mouse. In addition to making the mouse a little heavier, as soon as the battery is about to run out it can cause performance loss and “blackouts” from time to time, which can leave the person in hand if they forgot to buy extra batteries.

    Wired mouse vs wholesale wireless mouse


    • Affordable price,
    • Power takes place via the USB cable itself,
    • It does not have a dongle, which avoids losing an essential part for the mouse to work.


    • Easier to damage,
    • It may lock during use if the mouse wire gets caught in an object,
    • Although it is also portable, it loses to wireless in portability.

    The wired mouse is the most common on the market and is widely used. Its response time is good and even with good DPI it is possible to find it at very affordable prices. In addition, it is lighter as compared to wholesale wireless mouse since it does not require a battery. Thanks to the power that occurs directly through the USB port through the wire.

    Wired mouse has less life span as compared to wireless mouse

    However, the lifespan can be relatively shorter, especially if you carry the mouse a lot from side to side. The bad contact on the wire, which occurs after "breaking" the contact with it is easy to happen.

    In addition, thanks to the wire, it can take up more space on the table in addition to running the risk of "locking" the movement to tangle with other wires and objects. It can be deadly for those who play online games.

    The mouse is a computer peripheral tool, used to control the cursor on the screen and select options. It is a small device. But it is very useful and can increase the accuracy of your movements.

    Having wholesale wireless mouse feature on your computer is more than a necessity. But did you know that there are different types of mouse available on the market?

    We prepared this special wholesale wireless mouse post to show the different options of this instrument for you to better understand the subject.

    Wholesale wireless mouse manufacturers

    What are the mouse types? wholesale wireless mouse

    The technology of the mouse has undergone advances over time, so that, today, we can find the modalities to follow.

    Mouse with sphere

    It is the famous “mouse with ball”, as it has a sphere in the central region. The ball has contact with two casters, one in a horizontal position (like the X axis) and another in a vertical position (like the Y axis).

    They are between an infrared LED and an infrared light sensor. When the sphere moves, it moves the discs and passes light through them. It is in this scheme of light and shadow that the signals are sent to the computer, generating the mobility of the cursor.

    It's smart technology, but the mouse needs to be cleaned eventually. The accumulation of dust impairs the movement of the ball, changing the performance of the device.

    Optical mouse

    The optical mouse has a longer lifespan. In addition to having more movement accuracy (which is great for games, design, architecture and projects) and does not require periodic cleaning. It has a red-light emitting LED and a sensor.

    When the mouse is in contact with a surface, the light emitted is reflected and captured by the sensor. This transmits the data to a DSP (Digital Signal Processor). It analyzes the information. The DSP then sends the content to the computer, causing the cursor to move. This whole process is done with great speed.

    An optical mouse that is also on the market is the laser mouse, which has rays of this modality, in place of the LED, highly accurate and functional.

    wholesale wireless mouse

    The wholesale wireless mouse combines optical technology with radio frequency or bluetooth to promote the sending of movement data to the operating system. Requires the use of batteries or rechargeable batteries.

    It is very advantageous for transportation and also to avoid excess wires in the computer assembly. The bluetooth mouse is an example of these devices, having a much lower energy consumption.

    What are the advantages of buying wireless mouse over the internet?

    There are several benefits to buying a wholesale wireless mouse over the internet. In virtual media, you will find more variety of products, being able to choose the one that best fits your needs.

    Another great benefit is that there is more convenience in the purchase, as there is no need to go to the physical store, receiving the item at home or at the office with security and tranquility. You also have more freedom and ease to search, in addition to being able to make the purchase at the time you want.

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