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    wireless mouse factory: 6 Types of Mice you must know Before Buying


    5 Wireless Mice that will Make Every Day Work and Study Easier

    The modern world demands practicality. Therefore, work and study activities cannot be left out, because being productive is a differential. In view of this, wireless mouse factory make life easier - for those who consider the computer as a faithful ally. Efficiency, freedom of movement and easy connectivity are some of the advantages that stand out in electronic devices.

    Home office best friend: wireless mouse is best choice

    The experience is satisfactory for those who operate the wireless mouse on a daily basis, be it a Web Designer, or a root student. Among other reasons, this explains when there is no longer that famous and feared mess of threads on the office table, which creates discomfort for the user ( home office, say it!). In this way, the devices are authoritative in terms of functionality, quality of finish, versatility, and can be applicable almost everywhere.

    wireless mouse factory

    Cost-effective wireless mouse

    The compact and intelligent equipment is easy to carry, as they have discrete sizes. In addition, they are cost-effective. But, attention! You need to be aware of the type of connection, weight, handling sensitivity (DPIs) and power supply. Thinking about it, we have listed the 5 best wireless mouse factory that guarantees speed in digital routines. Check out:

    The 5 best wireless notebook mice

    Wire and cables scattered on the table are a vision of the past. Modern offices bet on wireless devices and accessories. Moreover,  in the case of wireless mice, the options available on the market are even better than those with wires.

    Generally, this is the case of the complete line of wireless mouse factory from Microsoft. The company responsible for the Windows operating system is also widely recognized as a leading mouse manufacturer for corporate use.

    1. Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile 3600 wireless mouse

    With a compact design, the Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile 3600 wireless mouse is one of the most interesting options for those who use notebooks on a daily basis. It features a four-way scroll wheel and BlueTrack technology, which combines the power of optical technology with laser precision.

    Another great advantage is that its design is ambidextrous. That is, it can be applicable by right and left-handed people without any major problems. Its energy comes by an AA type alkaline battery. And it can last up to twelve months, which means a lot of savings..

    2. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic wireless mouse

    For those who do not give up the most modern in terms of design, Sculpt Ergonomic is one of the most complete wireless mouse factory choices that Microsoft offers. Moreover, its construction facilitates the maintenance of the natural posture of the hand and wrist. This is thanks to the angle and height of the mouse and a groove on the thumb.

    Among its features, highlight to the Windows button, which allows access to the Start menu with a single touch and Back button, to speed up navigation. It works with two AA type alkaline batteries and is guaranteed for three years.

    3. Microsoft Designer Bluetooth wireless mouse

    Using Bluetooth Smart technology, the Microsoft Designer Bluetooth wireless mouse easily and quickly connects to your devices. Ultra-thin, its design designs so that it can be applicable in any hand without causing any discomfort.

    Compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Android operating systems, this model weighs just under 150 grams and comes by two AAA alkaline batteries. The product warranty is also three years and it is only available in black.

    4. Microsoft Wireless Mobile 1850 wireless mouse

    Basically, this is the classic Microsoft model. The company's standard wireless mouse is considered one of the best cost-effective wireless mouse factory options on the market. It combines low price with compact design that fits easily in your hands and allows you to keep it connected to the device even when you are not using the accessory.

    With an ambidextrous style, it uses an AA alkaline battery (included) and, according to the manufacturer, the battery life in use can be up to six months. The manufacturer also offers a three-year limited product warranty.

    wireless mouse factory china

     5. Microsoft 3500 wireless mouse

    Closing our list, we also indicate the model 3500, available only in black. With a more robust finish, it has an ambidextrous design and its energy comes by an alkaline AA type battery. The capacity of use, according to the manufacturer, is up to eight months.

    In addition, the Microsoft 3500 wireless mouse has three customizable buttons and its frequency is 2.4 GHz. Compatible with the main operating systems, the model has a manufacturer's warranty of up to three years.


    Whether to work, play or browse the internet, having a mouse is essential to using a computer efficiently.

    Considering recent research on best wireless mouse factory, which reveals that people spend an average of 5.3 hours a day in front of the personal computer. Nothing is better than buying a quality mouse. But do you know how to choose the best mouse for you?

    Know the Types of Mouse

    To help you decide, we will present 6 types of mice that will make a difference in your daily life!


    Another model very chosen by travelers on duty, retractable mice eliminate the risks of having cables tangled up. With a simple system, just lightly pull on the cable to extend or retract it.


    With a focus on functionality and durability, Office wireless mouse factory have been designed with those who work in front of the computer in mind. There are several models for this type of mouse, including versions with silent click, and wired or wireless.


    It is best for those who seek comfort even after hours of use. Wireless mouse factory are perfect to avoid problems such as RSI / WRMD and tendonitis. Its format seeks to reduce the deformation of the forearm, which is the res sible for READ, injury by repeated effort, and displacement. The vertical position keeps the wrist and arm in neutral positions for greater comfort.

    Silent wireless mouse

    Its buttons are designed to make as little noise as possible during use. It is ideal for those who want a more comfortable working environment. And for gamers who do not want to wake up other residents of the house during their nightly matches.

    wireless mouse factory 2021

    More buttons, precision, DPI adjustment, LEDs, with or without software ... Gamers mice are available in a wide range of options. The decision of the model to be purchased usually varies according to the type of game most played by the user.

    Issues such as appearance, including the presence of LEDs, and software for more advanced command configurations, are often secondary, but still very relevant.


    Whether with Bluetooth technology or 2.4GHz Wireless, this type of mouse has emerged to give more freedom to its user in wireless mouse factory. The absence of wires makes the working environment much more organized, in addition to increasing the distance limit and problems with tangled cables. Another feature of wireless mice is their power source, which can be from batteries or rechargeable batteries.

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